Mobile App as a tool to align online teaching and learning process experience through activities and Alternative Assessment

Mobile App as a tool to align online teaching and learning process experience through activities and Alternative Assessment

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From traditional to online, learner-centered teaching & learning

Mobile App as a tool to align online teachingand learning process experience through activities and Alternative Assessment


Team: Teaching And Learning Process Enhancement Team (TALPET).

Team members

Mohammed Tamimi, Khawla Muhtaseb, Basil Atawneh

Members roles and background

Team members:

Mohammed Tamimi, Khawla Muhtaseb, Basil Atawneh

 Members roles and background

1. Mohammed Tamimi: Instructional Technology and Pedagogy specialist.

Role:Team Leader, content developer, resources provider, pedagogical support, design/redesign of activities and assessment tools.

2. Miss Khawla Muhtaseb: Enterprising teaching method trainer, quality assurance andcurriculum development specialist.

Role: Content developer, Quality assurance, Design/redesign of activities and assessment tools, Alignment of learning styels with teaching methods and assessmente tools.

3. Engineer Basil Atawneh: Programming specialist, mobile app developer.

Role: Programming specialist, mobile app developer, Design SATLA, Programming of SATLA, Provider of technical support

Contact details

Mohammed Tamimi/Team Leader: ; Khawla Muhtaseb: ; Basil Atawneh:

Solution description

The Pandemic has forced higher education institutions (HEIs) to switch to distance learning abruptly. Teachers were forced to use technology platforms & digital resources, & align their teaching & learning (T&L) processes in a new perspective. In this solution, we plan to develop amobile app that can help teachers, learners & other stakeholders in redesigning materials &activities, engaging learners, use digital resources & alternative assessment tools, build rubrics, & provide feedback. SATLA users can utilize available tools & upload their examples & experiences soothers can benefit from them. SATLA can enhance T&L process in an easy, motivating way.

Solution context

This solution bridges the gap that emerged in T&L because of the pandemic & provides mobile appto ease & enhance users’ experiences in online T&L.

Solution target group

Mainly teachers, learners & other stakeholders such as decision makers, schools & HEIs.

Solution impact

Developing SATLA can make it easier for teachers & learners to enhance their T&L experiences byusing innovative teaching methods. Users will find the alignment between learning styles, teaching methods, & assessment tools enriching & effective. The impact of this solution can be measured through the expected improvement of T&L process, the facilitation & occurence of the alignment process, & the interactivity, joy & excitement users are expected to have.

Solution tweet text

SATLA makes T&L motivating, interactive, engaging, fair, & supportive in achieving T&L objectives

Solution innovativeness


○SATLA is an interactive teaching and learning app.

○SATLA makes teaching, learning and assessment aligned easily.

○Bank of digital resources

○Hands-on teaching & learning process experiences in online context

Although there are solutions similar to SALTA such as Pocket, Seesaw, DIKSHA, Trello, etc., our app is handy, interactive, informative, learner and learning centered, and allows teachers and students to share activities and experiences

Solution transferability

SATLA is initially designed for all teachers and students from all disciplines and levels; however, it can be adjusted and transferred to other environments such as businesses, marketing context, and training programs. SATLA will have a website and can also be implemented into other systems such as Android and IOS and embedded into other website and platforms.

Solution sustainability

  • Short term plan: SATLA will be introduced in Apple Store, Play Store, and SATLA website as a free source (freemium). SATLA has the possibility of upgrading accounts to premium with membership fee. 
  • Midterm plan: SATLA can be a tool to provide training to institutions and training of trainers on the T&L process. 

Solution team work

The diverse and integrated experiences of team members created harmony and commitment towards achieving our vision in enhancing the teaching and learning process locally, regionally andglobally. Although we were under a lot of pressure, we managed to keep the teamwork spirit and dedication alive. As a team, we plan to run this app and improve its services based on reviews and feedback. Other future plans for our team is to develop an Arabic version of SALTA, develop SATLA for business and SATLA for training programs.

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