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How might could we design ˝The Apprenticeship SandBOX˝ for empowering/leverage youth skills & competencies for the FUTURE of JOBs 2030?


Team: Aleš Furlanič

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Aleš Furlanič 

Founder & Business Development

CEO @myFailures Wall

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Solution description

The 21st Century economy demands workers who possess multiple abilities, so WHY empower=enable youth (ages 17 to 24) the opportunity to explore multiple 21st Century careers (the FUTURE of JOBs in 2030) while receiving mentorship, training education toward professional P2P certificated BADGEs, a real BOND (token economics) wage-for the future employment.
A flipped classroom - to do reverse education. 
It’s not a real job, but youth will have hands-on experience, so they gain skills & competencies during ‘work-out’ on real cases, solve problems, deliver solution and sparkling ideas.
They have a chance to train and enrich experience while working.
Expose youth to a variety of real-world work experiences of 2030:
- digitalisation,
- AI,
- blockchain,
- robotics,
- biotechnology,
- e-health,
- …
- GigEconomy,
- democratisation,
collaborative inclusion,
- …
- circular economy,
- AgriTech
Giving to youth an initial perspective about the skills, competencies and knowledge necessary for different occupations for the FUTURE of JOBs in 2030!
Tbe Apprenticeship SandBOX 

Solution context

Design inclusive, participatory P2P EdTech platform, where youth could sparkling skills & competencies in real (apprenticeship) environment; SandBOX. 

Solution target group

  1. Youth/Student
  2. Employee 
  3. Teacher - mentors/coach 


Solution impact

Empower youth with the SandBOX approach to build and leverage their skills-competence abilities and also grow competencies for the FUTURE of JOBs in 2030. 

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Solution innovativeness

Digital EdTech platform that leverage the SandBOX approach for the Apprenticeship. Each participants that fellow program(process-phase) get unique proof of work BADGE. The digital badge xould fudge as token, driven by blockchain proof of work achievement. 

Solution transferability

EdTech digital platform

Solution sustainability

Digital EdTech platform 

Solution team work

Aleš Furlanič


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