New Digital Generation

New Digital Generation

Our challenge, your solutions

Our future mission is the vision of our children

Platform for the children where they can play, enjoy, culture exchanging, learn new things and become the "citizens of the world".



Team members

Anna, Eleonora, Vanessa, Burmachach, Emilienne
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Solution description

Our solution is an online platform created for children. Through games young students can develop relational and social skills in multicultural environment.
Thanks to digital tools we make possible for children to share their culture and knowledge.
This allows children to develop soft skills that improve their employability for the future labour market.

Solution context

Digital transformation is creating new jobs and employers requires new relational skills. In particular social skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, communication and storytelling.
Our challenge is to develop an international outlook and essential soft skills to live digital transformation in an holistic way.

Solution target group

6 to 11 years old children

Solution impact

- International interaction on the platform
- Platform utilization rate
- Number of user’s study abroad programs

Solution tweet text

New Digital Generation: we create a safe global environment for children to play and learn connected to develop soft skills for a better employability tomorrow.

Solution innovativeness

- Worldwide connection
- Users collaboration in couple and groups
- Gamification in learning

Solution transferability

This concept can be developed and adapted to every grade student adapted. The aim is to give children tools that they can use through all their school career and personal life.

Solution sustainability

  • Public funding (state and Europe) for digital skills development.
  • Business angels
  • Companies

  • Coding
  • Fundraising
  • Cyber Security
  • Pedagogy and education

Solution team work

As a team, with a different personalities and backgrounds, we had a big experience exchanging views and thanks for that we created a new possibilities and solutions. We motivated after our co-working project and we have a lot of plans for the future.

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