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Interactive ways to learn to reduce your food waste

It is an interactive educational system that is designed to show you alternative solutions to food waste - it is not designed to make you feel bad - it is there to show you what you can do and how you can do it to make a change. 


Team: NOWAYsteam

Team members

Balice Vito Daniele, Lina Hartwig, Lisa Cadamuro, Maria Makarova, Thibauld Paillard

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Solution description

NOWAYsteApp - learn new alternative ways to re-use your food waste and thus reduce it

With the NOWAYste app we are making the fight against individual food waste mobile, fun and interactive. With one simple click you can monitor how much food you waste and you receive educational information on how to change your consumption behavior. 

The app works the following way: each time you waste a food item, you can open the app and choose and click on the appropriate category of the food item you wasted (eg. meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables). After each tap - you receive educational content on what you could've done instead of wasting the food item. You have to complete educational and interactional activities / questionaries / games and challenges to make up for te minus score and increase your knowledge and general awareness of how food waste impacts your environment and wat you could do instead of wasting it. You also receive minus points or bonus points on your score card. The ultimate goal is to have a score of NO WASTE! 

One crucial part of the app is that it allows you to connect with others: You can create weakly games, challenging your friends, family and colleagues to score as little minus points as possible. In this way, reducing food waste becomes fun and the app has a higher reach.

At the end of each month you receive a score report with your personal food waste statistics. You recieve trophees and awards for completing particular challenges and learning and most importanty - practicing new ways to reduce food waste.

Solution context

Food Waste is one of the biggest challenges of our times. As we learned during the Panel speeches of the Hackathon, more than 1/3 of the global food production is wasted annually. This amounts to 1.6 million tons of food waste. 

Almost half of the food waste is created by individual households. So one crucial step to reducing global food waste is to change individual waste behaviour. The app aims to solve this challenge of behavioural change by making people more aware of their consumption behaviour and helping them to change it in an easy and straightforward way.

Solution target group

The main target group is composed of all the people with a smartphone, specifically millennials, who tend to use their smartphone to organise their daily routine and as their source of information. The app allows these millennials to be in their “comfort zone” - digitally connected and fast - while still changing behaviour for the better.  

We are also targeting individuals that care for the environment and that are already inclined or at least willing to change their habits but are currently struggling to do so, due to a busy lifestyle.

Solution impact

Changing deeply ingrained behaviours is one of the most difficult things for people to do. 

That’s why our app is straightforward to use and convenient to integrate in daily life. The NOWAYste app allows people to register any food item that is waster in a matter of seconds, making it as simple and hassle-free as possible to start tracking consumption behaviours. 

In that sense, the greatest impact of the NOWAYste app is that it can pave the way for behavioural change towards less individual / household food waste in the long-run. 

We can measure the power of the app very firstly by tracking the amount of downloads, active users, app ratings and feedbacks. Further, we can track how the app is being discussed in the media and whether it receives support from influencers and/ or celebrities. The focus here should be on aiming at receiving endorsements from politicians and NGOs, who promote our app as an effective and fun tool to become aware of how much food you waste and ultimately change this behaviour for the better. 

Finally, we can measure the concrete impact of the app on people’s behaviour by looking at user’s monthly score reports. If the amount of negative points reduces over time (i.e. less minus points), this could be an indication of users wasting less food. 

Of course we have to bear in mind that the scores are on a voluntary basis, which means that a higher score could also simply mean that people just did not tap although they wasted food. This is why we have to enrich the data with customer feedback and data on frequency of use.

Solution tweet text

NOWAYste is an innovative app that relies on your motivation to fight food waste. By monitoring your impact on tomorrow’s world, you can preserve it for future generations and help make the world a better place.

Solution innovativeness

There are many educative apps, but this one is concretely showing you how you can improve in terms wasting less food.  The app does not  make you feel guilty about having wasted food, it rather represents a positive approach to the problem: it is about making you proud of learning, implementing and practicing on regular bases - reducing food waste practices, through learning how to be a more conscious and responsible consumer. It is about getting involved and interactive with others, by sharing your best practices and starting challenges with your friends, family and colleagues to see who’s best in closing the gap/winning the battle between food use and food waste. 

The challenges give fun incentives for people to reduce their own food waste, while connecting people and inspiring others to do the same. In that way, saving food becomes an educational and interactive game process. 

Ultimately, the app thus allows you to become part of a community that is aiming to make the world a better place. 

In a nutshell, the NOWAYste app allows people to become more conscious about their consumption behaviour by simply tracking their food waste; it is innovative in 4 core ways: it presents a positive, educative, interactive, and collective approach to changing consumption behaviour.

Solution transferability

We plan to expand our business idea to other industries, to be applicable in social institutions like schools and universities or companies. Our tool could help those companies to track efficiently their food waste and find practical solutions to reduce it. The app can also be displayed in several languages to be launched in different countries. The first step would be to do some studies to identify the more promising markets for our product. Also available on various platforms. 

Solution sustainability

This app will have revenues from advertisements. The adds showed will be selected to match our values and beliefs, we will only accept companies, ONGs, global organisations or governments that also believe we can make a change and reduce our waste. With the increasing number of users, our revenues from advertising will also increase.

Additional revenues can be received if people decide to force complete challenge / game / activity / or increase their score = they might choose to pay an additional fee then.

Evry 10 cents will go to support local circular economy in the country. 

Solution team work

From the very beginning, our team has joined efforts to work productively and enjoy ourselves at the same time. The ideas kept flowing and we all tuned in to contribute to its development. We were also very effective in dividing workload amongst each other and sharing further to get each other’s feedback. We enjoyed working together a lot and definitely had some fun. Hackaton brought us together and gave us a possibility to use our skills and efforts to solve one of the most challenging problems nowadays.

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