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Reorganize your study for a better future

With OKPROF, a learning assistant bot, we want to optimize learning processes and the study method, accompanying users to focus on what they need in an effective and efficient way.



Team members

Rita Cosoli; Andrea Giovani; Roberto Laricchia; Antonio Soda; Elisa Taddei; Giulia Zoffoli.

Members roles and background

Rita Cosoli:

"My name is Rita Cosoli, I am 25 years old. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Bari and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Parma.
I am very passionate about scientific research related to the brain and technology and I always try to improve my IT skills.
Currently, I work as a Project Manager for an Apulian startup that develops robots for the care of elderly patients; specifically, I'm in charge of the conversational design of Human-Robot Interaction.
I love to be a part of a team and I like to exchange ideas with other people!"

Andrea Giovani:

" Hi I'm Andrea 26 years old and I'm graduated in Marketing and Advertising. Now I am working in the family business where I am in charge of customer sales. In addition to selling, I'm starting to develop the first marketing strategies both online and offline. During my university career, I participated in a project, which had the aim of creating a startup. Thanks to this training I have developed a good marketing strategy and business development skills. This path also allowed me to get in touch with entrepreneurs and company seniors who gave me some advice."

Roberto Laricchia:

"Hi, I’m Roberto, I'm 28 yo and I’m a software engineer.
I have a master's degree in Software Engineering and I love being a developer and I always try to catch up with technology and it's trend topics.
I’m a member of Google Developer Group in Bari, where I live and work."

Antonio Soda:

"I’m Antonio Soda, I’m 51 years old.
I work in socio-educational and social welfare services.
Development of courses and projects aimed at children, young people, and adolescents.
Trainer for educators, adults, teachers on issues related to education, parental support.
I provide training in educational design and research, in the activation of community development projects.
I am a Youth Worker of a youth center of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia "Spazio Raga", which was born as a territorial and educational center in view of the redevelopment of the area surrounding the station."

Elisa Taddei:

"My name is Elisa Taddei.
I am a 39 years old social educator, working at Accento Social Cooperative Society in Reggio Emilia.
The possibility to be a witness to the wonder of knowledge and to the processes of growth is the main reason why I love my job."

Giulia Zoffoli:

"I’m Giulia, I’m 40, I’m a lucky mum, a lucky bank employee, and I knew the meaning of Hackathon just a few months ago!
I’m more analogic than digital, but I’m a curious person that likes to improve especially on topics that can be useful for people less lucky than me."

Contact details


Solution description

The idea is to develop a Learning Assistant Bot, which supports the user in planning and managing time for studying.

"OKPROF" is born from a consideration of the difficulties that can be encountered in the scholastic career, particular importance is also given to specific learning disorders that affect the student's performance. 

The goal we set ourselves with the creation of this LAB is: 

  • Optimize the learning processes and the study method
  • Accompanying users to focus on what they need effectively and efficiently
  • Help the user to manage study cycles and breaks 
  • Provides exercises to relax and concentrate
  • Plan the study in detail
  • Organize the days
  • Make students aware of their abilities
  • Learn problem-solving methodologies

Again from the analysis of the context, we note that students (in particular the younger ones) do not have the tools to deal with unexpected events and hitches that may occur in the school path, also because sometimes the school is unable to provide solution strategies.

We will therefore go to work on skills typical of work environments, which however can also be useful in the study. This is also to create a bridge between study and future profession. We believe that the contamination of knowledge and the mixing of skills is a fundamental resource.

The other desired impact is linked to the current world situation: the DAD is used so much, the school has moved to digital. We think this is a resource that cannot be lost once a "classic" situation is recovered, it cannot simply be a tool used to cope with an emergency. For this reason, we expect to be able to connect the LAB to the electronic register and to the various study platforms (Classroom for example), so that the LAB is able to respond and manage commitments and study, starting from concrete data.

Solution context

The context includes any student of a wide age group, who do not have an effective study method.

Our choice also comes from the current situation where the moments of leisure and study take place inside the same walls. Distractions increase and they take much longer to learn the notions necessary to take an exam. The amount of study seems more and more and ends up discouraging the student who will make less and less ending up in a spiral of negativity. In many cases, it can lead to failure or drop out of university.

Thanks to "OKPROF" we want to provide a personalized study method in which the student can identify himself perfectly.

Solution target group

Our targets are:

  • High school students
  • University students

As for high school students, the idea is that our LAB, a Learning assistant bot, can be useful for learning and assimilating new subjects and new study methodologies, depending on the school path chosen, to fill the gap that could occur in the transition from middle school and high school. At the same time, OKPROF can accompany the user in his school path by supporting him in difficult and obstacle situations (by organizing the study when there is no effective method) and at the same time help him to achieve concrete objectives, visible in reports created periodically by the LAB.

For university students, what is described above remains valid and OKPROF can also suggest preparation strategies for exams, planning time in view of the exam date.

Solution impact

Our solution aims to have a clear impact on the side of academic performance and beyond.
In fact, thanks to a personalized method and a more empathetic approach, possible thanks to our current collaboration with the voice actress Chiara Gandolfi, that will give a human approach to the student and will help him to be more enticed to study and is able to have time to devote to his hobbies.

The student can keep an eye on his results and performance, in this way he has tangible proof of the progress made by increasing the desire to improve and motivating him to continue on that path.

Solution tweet text

OKPROF: Reorganize your study for a better future. #OKPROF4BETTERFUTURE

Solution innovativeness

OKPROF is an empathic lab that:

Motivating the student by going to show him positive results relative to the results and marks obtained.

Asking for feedback from the student to improve.

Asking the student for a self-assessment.

Generating periodic reports on study times and progress deriving from the use of OKPROF.

Management of procrastination.

We make OKPROF a GAMIFICATION master, with proposals for activities during the break periods, which involve and interact with the user, enabling him to bring out positive and constructive elements from himself. The breaks will be filled with activities proposed by some companies willing to collaborate with us.

The proposals range from small physical exercises aimed at relaxing and concentrate more during the study, we also have agreements with companies that deal with nutrition to offer a healthy diet during the study.

Solution transferability

The first field of application, similar to the topic addressed, is to develop OKPROF in such a way that it can be a useful tool also for those who have "specific learning difficulties" offering a highly personalized study program and proposing specific exercises to make study time effective and efficient.

The second field we are working on is to integrate into time management also student hobbies and passions, therefore integrating collaborators who offer small videos of mindfulness, music, physical exercise, etc... That will be possible thanks to our current collaboration with Rossella Elisio (Organizational consultant, trainer, and Mindfulness instructor), Chiara Gandolfi (Voice actress), and Accento (a social cooperative society) and hopefully with many other collaborators in the future.

It is also possible to apply it in the business world and specifically in the management of activities. Improving the organization of activities with the aim of reducing waste of time, making working hours more productive.


Solution sustainability

OKPROF is initially offered through the freemium formula, so we give the opportunity to test its effectiveness first

At the end of the trial period, the service will be available for €0.99 per month.

In addition to this model of economic sustainability, that it is the main one, we decided to offer users the opportunity to shop directly on the app. In fact, they can buy school material or book textbooks. therefore thanks to the agreements with the participating stationery, a small percentage is retained as compensation each time a purchase is made through OKPROF.

Solution team work

The OKPROF team will continue to work even after the hackathon to strengthen commercial agreements with the partners who will take care of the exercises during the break between one study phase and another. In addition to this, we will continue with the testing phase of the product, it is made to try subjects who are part of our reference target to obtain feedback and improve the app. The group considers this testing phase fundamental because it believes that OKPROF should be a student-centric tool.

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