Online Quiz Program

Online Quiz Program

Our challenge, your solutions

Voice recognition , Virtual assistant, Screen reader and recorder

An online quiz program for student with disabilities where 93 million – 150 million number in global context ,8.7% children under the age of 5 years and about 3000 bellow 18 who are disable in Sri Lankan context.


Team: Code Brigade

Team members

Yasith Ransika Karunanayaka,Thinuri Dulsini Wickramarachchi,Thishni Chrishanya Perera

Members roles and background

Yasith Ransika Karunanayaka
Dip. In Computer networking NIBM , Following CCNA CISCO
Thinuri Dulsini Wickramarachchi
Undergraduate ICBT – network technology and cyber security (Cardiff Metropoliten University)
Thishni Chrishanya Perera
Undergraduate ICBT – network technology and cyber security (Cardiff Metropoliten University)

Contact details,0705599283;,0711679844;, 0774768900

Solution description

For the use of students with dissabilitits a user friendly and secure system is going to impose.The concept of voice recognition is used to to make it easier for those target students to work quickly and efficiently. It will help them to get quick feedbacks.

Solution context

We are also trying to use AI technology. The system is introduced with virtual assistant as to give voice commands . The virtual assistant is added to our site merge thought. Usually when building a system we focus on human computer interaction first which is what we intend to do here.

At the same time with it’s security ,we will introduce a screen recorder. The security is for preventing exam cheaters. This system 
has the ability to record what their students do and how they do their exams and benificial for teachers for detecting the students in such activities. This automatically tracking the online serches done by the stuents during the exam.

It also benefits students who has the stutter at sepeakin as we are going to add natural language processing of AI speech recognition to our product.

Solution target group

Students with disabilities.

Solution impact

Easy To Enter Quiz (Typing . Scanning), Teacher can custom quiz, It will helpful for them

Solution tweet text

AI based online quiz platform for students with disabilities

Solution innovativeness

A system with AI & natural langauage processing for quizes targetted for students with dissabilities are not found.

Solution transferability

1. Do a comprehensive market research & identify the relevant organization that take care of the disabled.
2. Provide them with the trial version of the app to test & build the awareness of our app
3. Donate this app (1 licensed copy) to the deaf & blind school, Moratuwa as a CSR project & build the brand awareness
through that & to further enhance the product.
4. Use Google ads & social media marketing platforms
5. Launch a blog on the subject & attract the people with the interest in the fields & make the brand awareness through them
6. Make them available in popular app stores for free (trial versions) at initial stages
7. Use App Store Optimization (ASO)

Solution sustainability

During the pandemic situation this kind of systems have a good effect towards education where teacher student intraction is less.So there is a high chaance to develop this concept to very advanced levels with the emerging AI tools.

Solution team work

This was done with a team of three and worked cooloborately to implementing this idea into a prototype.

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