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With a provocative and also rich marketing, we introduce to you our Social Network devised to open your eyes to another IT reallity increasing your curiosity.


Team: onSTEM

Team members

Borja Ruizdelgado, Marta Roy, Víctor Tomás, Marc Manzanares, Jorgina Arrés

Members roles and background

Software ingenieering and marketing

Contact details

Solution description

We want to draw attention making use an aggresive advertising.
The goal of our solution is use the curiosity, intrigue and playing games to discover a women community interested in the IT sector, and that will be able to share their problems, life experiences and helping one to the other. And with our new challenges they will be able to keep learning about all the new thing about the IT sector.

Solution context

The main problem is that there is only 20-30% of women in the IT sector in Spain. Our premise is to target the solution going through the stereotypes associated in this sector and the lack of information.
We think that changing our thinking way using motivation and curiosity can help people chose an it career

Solution target group

Our group tarfet is a global one, we don't want to leave anyone out of this social change. Althoigh, we also would like to focus more on women.

Solution impact

We will make a strong impact, following our marketing model we think people would be able to open their eyes about women in IT sector, we don’t want to be unnoticed. We know is a risky proposal but now it’s the time to change it.

We can measure it looking at how many users enter in our website, how many users look out instagram (@onstem_digieduhack ) or our twitter (@onstemgidiedu1), we can also evaluate the positive and negative comments in the forum.

Solution tweet text

Amb un marketing provocatiu alhora que enriquidor, presentem la nostra Social Network ideada per obrir el ull a una altra IT reality.

Solution innovativeness

Pretenem informar sobre el dia a dia de les TIC focalitzant amb el paper de la dona, cosa que no moltes altres plataformes digitals ofereixem. A més d’una comunicació fluida entre la comunitat. Tot aixó empes per unes estrategies de marqueting totalment innovadores que pretenen aproximar les tecnologies a les persones i mostrar-les d’una forma més dinámica i asequible.
We pretend to inform about the current state of the IT technologies, focusing on women.

Solution transferability

The solution is mainly enfocted to the IT world, but as we are defending the women’s rights, we think it can be applied to different sectors.

Innovativeness: We think of doing a strong, original and unique marketing campaign is a innovative way to touch this problema, and this make us different from others associations or ONGs that they are similar but more serious and less shocking.

Solution sustainability

We work through social networks and fisical advertising. We want to update our challenges and dathering information about closer events in woman tech

Solution team work

We did well working as a multidisciplinar team dividing diferent tasks among all team members, helping each other, and comunicating when there were problems

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