Optimization of 3D geological field-trip in the educational process

Optimization of 3D geological field-trip in the educational process

Our challenge, your solutions

Improvement of practices for virtual learning of geo object

The solution is in the best practices for virtual learning, that is an improvement in the idea of ​​distance learning of any geological object.


Team: Nautilus

Team members

Danilo Sinckevich, Dmytro Honchar, Serhii Lytvynov, Mikhailo Sarmin

Contact details

sergii.lytvynov@gmail.com danoom007@gmail.com

Solution description

To solve our solution, we have chosen one of the platforms, as an example, for the search and distribution of 3D models, namely sketchfab. This platform has one of the broadest choice of 3D models related to geology and beyond.
Most of the programs related to modeling have high system requirements, take some time to master, and are mostly paid. For informational and educational purposes, it would be advisable to use online platforms (sketchfab), which do not require special knowledge of modeling. Also a huge advantage is the opportunity to view and study geological 3D models even on smartphones.

Solution context

In the process of testing programs for 3D visualization, we faced the problem that most of them are not suitable for educational field-trip, as they are quite difficult for self-study. The solution of this problem, as we said above, is to use simple online platforms. And then we came to the conclusion that we need to find this one, but it turned out that there are quite few quantity of them in the public domain. Therefore, the question of their improvement and popularization is still open.

Solution target group

The main audience of our solution is freshman, sophomore and those who do not understand complex 3D programs and prefer simple software to use.

Solution impact

The development of our idea will have a positive effect on distance learning(virtual field-trip), that is, it will allow everyone to independently study a specific geological issue without in-depth knowledge of 3D modeling.

Solution tweet text

Our solution presents the idea of improving virtual 3D field-trip and suggests using online platforms as easy ways to visualize such geological information.

Solution innovativeness

We think that this idea has not previously been well enough covered, and therefore people who poorly manage with 3D modeling of geological objects bypass this issue.

Solution transferability

Fortunately, this solution is very well suited to almost any kind of work related to 3D modeling.

Solution sustainability

In the condition of the constant development of technology and the current situation, virtual field trips have become in demand, therefore the introduction of 3D visualization programs is an important component of distance learning and so the introduction into the educational process should occur gradually. First of all, you need to conduct a training session on the basics of 3D modeling in order to introduce teachers and students to the course. Then, when students understand the principle of 3D modeling, they will be able to use themself the platform for modeling.

Solution team work

Yes, of course we will continue to work together and if the opportunity presents itself, we will gladly participate in such superb competitions as yours.


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