Our platform reflects on providing transmission of knowledge between youngsters and teachers from all parts of Azerbaijan

Our platform reflects on providing transmission of knowledge between youngsters and teachers from all parts of Azerbaijan

Our challenge, your solutions

What are our focal activities by creating this platform?

We will offer access to paid and free courses. Moreover, we will present numerous gifts and certificates to our participants who successfully complete our courses. In addition, we will investigate in strengthening general outlook and knowledge of our users by conducting trainings on our platform


Team: EduCatomatic

Team members

Mikayilli Fatima, Aliyeva Nigar, Vusal Allahverdiyev, Nushaba Guliyeva

Members roles and background

Hi, I am Fatima, 13,7 years old. I took part in 2 hackathons, one took 3rd place and the other is still going on. In the summer I joined the AWIS project and received a certificate, and now I am participating in the "Her Improvement" project. Not only this, but there is still a lot to do. My name is Vusal, and I am 16.Right now I am preparing for my university exam.I had volunteer experiences at baku american center and other programs, but hackathon will be my first programming experience.I like to watch films a lot.I have a special interest for horror games.Fnaf and outlast series are my favorite ones.

Hey everyone! It's Nushaba, 16 years old first course student from Azerbaijan. I'm currently studying at BHOS and my major is Process Automation Engineering. I'm very passionate about programming, especially Python ( but i need to enhance my skills). This is my 2nd hackathon. Furthermore, my hobbies are playing piano, painting on canvas ( also flower pots, glass, plate and so on), editing videos and cooking pasta!

My name is Aliyeva Nigar. I am 14 years old. I participated in the AWIS project and had a lot of success there. I took the first place in the region, in the essay writing competition. I am a student of the American Center. Before that I participated in a hackathon. I participated in Professional Digital Storytelling webinars and was awarded a certificate. In my spare time I play chess and play the piano.

Contact details

Vusal Allahverdi: vusallahverdi05@gmail.com , +994705361415; Nushaba Guliyeva: guliyevaa67@gmail.com , +994556004069; Nigar Aliyeva: +994518749938 , tamameliyeva99@gmail.com ; Fatima Mikayilli: mikayillifatima@gmail.com , +994509672848

Solution description

We have eliminated the problems that students encounter in education and their need to ask teacher for help. So we created a fruitful educational platform for them.

Solution context

Solution will have many impacts for high school students and teachers or volunteer teachers. Educatomatic will be based on not learning just for learning, but also having fun!

Solution target group

Our target group is all the studying youngsters and teachers from various parts of Azerbaijan, regardless of its gender and background. 

Solution impact

We expect great impacts on our current education system. Students will have an access to online learning materials and mock tests. It will lead to more beneficial and productive way of learning.

Solution tweet text

If you ask a synonym for the word EduCatomatic, it will be perfection.

Solution innovativeness

We will create new innovations in education and try to raise the awareness of education by solving the majority of the problems in education. If you ask what's new that you bring to our current system? So we plan to conduct training sessions on Zoom or share everyday a new post that will contain general information about world which will broaden outlook of students.

Solution transferability

Students will now be able to communicate with teachers easily and reliably without much effort and enjoy paid&free lessons. On our online platform they will be able to ask and get instant feedback via ''Q&A'' section.

Solution sustainability

EduCatomatic doesn't have any workers. All of us are just volunteers and beginners. Everyone is here for gaining experience and taking up new skills. This is the most necessary thing in our team.

Solution team work

As 4 founders, we will assist each other in our field of speciality/knowledge/ interest. We will fulfill our duty for a bright future in the framework of education.

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DigiEduHack is an EIT initiative under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. In 2021, the main stage event is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

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