PAROLE IN TASCA: a pocket digital dictionary

PAROLE IN TASCA: a pocket digital dictionary

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PAROLE IN TASCA: a pocket digital dictionary

The solution PAROLE IN TASCA is a pocket digital dictionary realized by a school team moved from the desire to learn Italian in a smart and original way! With PAROLE IN TASCA you can look for a word, its meaning and you can listen the correct pronounciation. You can also add new word to enrich it. 


Team: #CPIAce! Team CPIA 2 BERGAMO

Team members

Federica Re (teacher), Maria Vella (teacher), Elisabetta Aloisi (partner Cooperativa Ruah), students: Kitay Kader, Samah Mahfouz, Sara Khatab, Farah Meziane

Members roles and background

Our team is composed of two teacher, one partner from a social association about integration of migrants and four students. All women! 

Contact details

CPIA 2 Bergamo "Tullio De Mauro", via Caravaggio 52, 24047 Treviglio (Bg)

Solution description

PAROLE IN TASCA is a pocket digital dictionary that everyone can use during everyday life. It's a original digital device to learn Italian language in an innovative way. You can look for an unknown word, you can find its defination, you can also listen its sound and, if you want, you can add new words in way to enrich its repository. It's very interesting! 

Solution target group

The beneficiaries of PAROLE IN TASCA are young adults and not resident in Italy or also abroad that want to learn Italian language in an innovative and interactive way, improving their digital skills.

Solution impact

The innovation of PAROLE IN TASCA is its versatility because you can be at the same time learner of Italian language and actor in the process of creation and inserting of words, thanks to the learning doing. So, everyone can learn new words already inserted into the dictionary and listen their sounds, improving the general repository.

Solution tweet text

Would you like learning new Italian words in a funny and easy way? Try PAROLE IN TASCA! You could know words in semantic fields groups, listen their pronounciation and add new words whenever you want, Have a nice reading!

Solution innovativeness

The idea of our solution is to realize an interactive digital app where it's possible learn new words with their relative definations and sounds and add new terms instantly in a funny way, using eventually also the 3D.

Solution transferability

PAROLE IN TASCA is a multitasking solution because you can try and use it in any public and private social contexts, whose beneficiaries are foreign citizens from any linguistic level.

Solution sustainability

The implementation of PAROLE IN TASCA app is possible in a medium-long term. It depends on the support of professional figures to care and improve not only the technical aspects but also informatic and web-design perspective.

Solution team work

The team composed of 4 students, 2 teachers and an external partner worked in a collaborative and emphatic way to reach the goal prefixed. Every student dealed with a particolar semantic field of the dictionary, while the teachers supported their students feeding the team group and the cohesion-group. Moreover, the teachers dealed to bring together the final details of the solution.

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