Parrot ChatBot & Ai Virtual Assistant

Parrot ChatBot & Ai Virtual Assistant

Our challenge, your solutions

Parrot ChatBot & Ai Virtual Assistant

Our solution is about using Chatbot and Ai Assistant as plugins inside LMS.


Team: Parrot Developers

Team members

Dana Abo Ouda , Feras Abu Nimreh

Members roles and background

Dana Abo Ouda is studying English language and teaching methods. she has a certificate from the British council. She is an Access 11 Alumna from Amideast. Dana will work on business development and operations

Feras Abu Nimreh studied computer science and worked in several places including university as a web developer and after that, he worked as team-lead inside a private IT company for several years. He has joined Amman AI Bootcamp: Data Science (DS), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision (CV), and other certificates in web development and data visualization using Tableau. Feras will work as CTO and Team-lead of development.


Contact details

Email : Mobile#: +972599767425 , Email: Mobile#: +972595918815

Solution description

Using interactive methods of learning can be done by involving tools such as The Chatbot & AI Virtual Assistant which can be as helping agents:

1.Chatbot can answer students’ questions at any time which reduces the workload of teachers.

2.Chatbot & AI Virtual Assistant can help students in putting reminders if they have a meeting, a lecture, or an exam.

3. AI Virtual Assistant can give standard learning recommendations on internal and external links for teachers, students, or parents.

4. AI Virtual Assistant automatically change the mode of application to either dark or light mode depending on time.

Solution context

To every problem, there is a solution, and to every challenge, there are hidden powers and inner ideas that must get out. This is our motto!

There are many problems and challenges we can see in the E-learning:

1.Teachers can’t answer all the students' questions.

2.The E-learning despite many of its advantages, is becoming less interactive.

3.Technological background knowledge of parents and students is not strong enough.

Solution target group

The target group is the students in all classes and the teachers in schools and universities. in addition, Parents aged between (30-49).

The challenges we thought of are the ones that this target group has, and we also thought of solutions to the challenges they have.

Solution impact

  • Students will feel more interesting by interacting with Chatbot and Ai Virtual Assistant.

  • Saving the time for students for accessing information by using Chatbot and Ai Virtual Assistant.

  • Increasing teacher’s performance by answering important questions and Chatbot answers the frequent questions.

  • Students and Parents can easily interact with E-learning by using Chatbot and Ai Virtual Assistant.

Solution tweet text

Parrot is a new way of interacting between teachers and students by using Chatbot and Ai assistant.

Solution innovativeness

Our added value is using the Chatbot and Ai Virtual Assistants as third party inside the Learning Management System (LMS).In this way, interactive learning will take a large place.

We do not reinvent the wheel so we are using opensource of chatbot and ai assistant. Our innovation is adding custom functionality inside these tools to make them more compatible and functional with LMS.  


Solution transferability

With no doubt, our solution can be transferred in many contexts. Not only can it be used in the learning process, but it can also be used in any mobile or web application platform to display learning for life skills and developing talents such as Songs, Art, Cooking ..etc.

Solution sustainability

Our solution in mid-term is an available plugin in LMS that can be bought by institutions, also in the long-term, it will be a mobile application that can interact with students and teachers registered by the institutions.

We will charge institutions depending on plans that include the features of chatbot and ai assistant.

We have not ignored technology as it takes a big part in everyone’s life especially during the crisis the world is having now.


Solution team work

We will divide the roles and tasks depending on everyone's background. Dana will work on business development and operations and Feras will work as CTO and Team-lead of development.

Yes, we will continue working as a team in the future.

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