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PelaPotha +

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Enrich school textbook content with multimedia components

Textbooks are a vital part of primary and secondary education in most countries. 
In contries which provide Government funded education, a considerable amount of financing is allocated to mainining school textbooks.


Team: Team Falcon

Team members

Dulana Peiris, Devishke de Silva, Leesha Samadhi, Rukshan Karannagoda
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Solution description

Pelapotha+ app incorporates Augmented Reality(AR) to the pre-existing textbooks so unlike the conventional AR learning app solutions, the requirements for implementing Pelapotha+ is a smartphone, becoming the one and only augmented reality-based educational application and a game-changer for South Asia. The app can include content in the language medium og the user's textbooks.


Solution context

Accessibility is considered a major problem in implementing an augmented reality-based mobile learning app ubiquitously, we have considered the fact that a lot of government and political leaders around the world have given vows to increase the already-high digital penetration rates,thus rendering at least the teachers in classroom able to use the app to give students the experience of using the Pelapotha+ app

Solution target group

School students. Our solution's primary focus will be school students and teachers. Students will receive a deeper understanding and connection to the subject material and they cater to a different style of learning.

Solution impact

From Pelapotha+ students can achieve higher grades as they gain access to the extra information from videos and audios. Even their learning style will be changed in a more efficient way.

Solution tweet text

PelaPotha+ is a educational app which enriches school textbooks using AR-based multimedia technology

Solution innovativeness

Pelapotha+ comes with exceptional features where students can play informational videos and audios. Even we deliver them the learning environment with quality images.

Solution transferability

Can be utilized by people who are not registered within the school system but stil have the access to textbooks.

Solution sustainability

Pelapotha+ app gives the value to existing textbooks to use them more effectively. It uses a vast knowledge base where students can save their time without attending additional classes.

Solution team work

Every member worked together in devdeloping the application

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