Perfetto Artisan

Perfetto Artisan

Our challenge, your solutions

Italian Artisans at home

This project consists of creating a market place, which allows people to find hidden local artisans. It gives the possibility to buy online directy from them. 


Team: Hand makers

Team members

Francesca Scoccimarro, Simona Postiglione, Rita Ferraro, Paride Vasco , Cristina M. Russo
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Solution description

The solution consists of creating a market place which allows everybody to feel an Italian experience through local craftsmenship. It is possible to buy local Italian products thanks to our platform.

Solution context

The problem is the difficulty in finding local artisans. The challenge that we are solving is to make the artisans visible online, giving them the chance to enjoy the benefits of digital communication.

Solution target group

Artisans and lovers of Italian craft tradition.

Università di Foggia, companies aiming to get in touch with artisans, citizens and local communities. 

They will benefit by creating new in come and keeping tradition.

Solution impact

Direct match between demand and offer, creation of new demand, global spread of local craftsmanship, recovery of craft traditions, innovation of the craft techniques and revenue creation.

Solution tweet text

Let's bring digital into tradition and tradition into digital

Solution innovativeness

Digitize craftsmanship to valorize skills of local artisans through technology.

Solution transferability

The whole project can be exported and replicated using different excellences for each country.

Solution sustainability

We will face the go-to-market through innovative channels (social, web, etc).

We will continue to increase the number of users (artisans) and we will grant our future revenue holding the 20% of transaction.

Solution team work

We worked very well and we could continue to work ad team in the future because we own different and complementary skills in the field of informatics, marketing, law, foreign languages.

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