A software solution to improve student's communication skills

How can the communication skills of a student be improved in collaboration with the academics in a open and distance learning environment ?

Via the implementation of a neural network powered software approach to identify and correct the deficiencies in a student's communication skills.

Team members
A R Lokuge, I D P M Rupasinghe, D M T M Dahanayaka, Sri Rakulan Kuhathasan, L B D Chinthaka
Members roles and background

Programming Leader:- D M T M Dahanayaka 

Sub Programmers:- A R Lokuge, I D P M Rupasinghe, Sri Rakulan Kuhathasan, L B D Chinthaka

Presenter:- Sri Rakulan Kuhathasan

Documentation:- A R Lokuge

Algorithmist:- I D P M Rupasinghe, D M T M Dahanayaka 

Contact details
+94776648445, +94770610713, +94714562016, +94783821253

Predicting Student Success (Predictive Learner Analytics)

Predict performance of students by analyzing historical and current data derived from learners, in order to create models that allow for predictions that improve the learning environment.

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Solution description

 This software solution also allows the possibility to inculde or define various other parameters other than the ones mentioned above.

Solution target group

  • Students in universities who use the open and distance learning medium to impart higher education.
  • Students in conventional universities.
  • Students who study in other institutions of higher education like polytechnics and other forms of tertiary institutions

Solution impact

This neural network powered software solution has the ability to identify various parameters like  the number of stutters, mumblings in an individual's speech while also providing visual statistical data of the percentage time wasted while delivering the speech due to these man made errors. It also stores all these valuable data in a large database which can be accessed by the student and the academic at any time and allows them to have constructive discussions and analyze the students' progress and improvements in the communication skills via comparative and quantitive analysis provided by this software solution.

Solution tweet text

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Solution innovativeness

This type of software solution is not available in the present market as yet.

Solution transferability

We are looking to make this software available freely on which enables any individual or organization to freely download this software and install by any individual.


Solution sustainability

An annual service and maintenance fee will be charged from these respective clients in order to ensure the maintenance and upgradation of this software.

Solution team work

Development of coding, software lifecycle and GUI.

Development of product marketability and product definition via branding.


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