Student support system services for massive education


Personalization rather than generalization in massive learning

Personalization rather than generalization in massive learning.

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Student support system services for Mass Education

How can student support system services be established for over a million learners to make learning process easier and more appealing?

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Solution description

In our project first step is collecting data from students about their learning habits. Secondly, system will assign what students easily learn and what they have trouble with. Lastly, system will confront students with appropriate learning materials. 

Solution context

We can't help learners who who are acedemically unsuccessful and can't find out what is their problem. We want to show them how to improve their academic success. Open education students need more personalized features for better learning experience. We will try to make it. 

Solution target group

Our target group is massive education students,. Our project will help students to find their best way for learning. 

Solution impact

We are expecting students' academic success will improve. We will measure it with exams (mid-terms and finals).

Solution tweet text

You can't learn if you don't know how to learn! You can easily reach right materials for you with our project.

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is much more personalized than others. We are trying to improve personal learning skills with AI, so there will be no prejudice.

Solution transferability

It could used in developing new learning materials. Also it can used in instructional improvements.

Solution sustainability

After the demo we tested it, we can improve our solution with larger budget and more data. It is a long-term project.

Solution team work

It goes well with all participants in the group. We shared responsibilities without disagreements. We want to continue work as a team.

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