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Knowledge in pills

Our team decided to create a solution that could finally fight against disinformation and educate interactively a vaste public through daily pills of knowledge, using a chatbot.


Team: Phyls

Team members

Filippo Montecchi, Eleonora dalla Salda, Francesco Simonazzi, Elena Lin

Contact details

Filippo Montecchi: ; Francesco Simonazzi:; Eleonora dalla Salda:; Elena Lin:

Solution description

Our team developed a chatbot to help people with misinformation and with complete uneducation on specific concepts.

Our solution consists of:

  1. analyzing users' interests
  2. providing a daily pill that will stimulate and arouse the users' attention
  3. providing pills that simplify complex concepts
  4. avoiding long, contorted and dispersive researches, as this chat bot already creates a path

Solution target group

Everyone from high school students and up can use Phyls, which hasn't got limitations reguarding sports, hobbies, passions, jobs, religion, ideoligy and so on.

Solution impact

The impact of our chat bot can be measured through the number of people that can imrpove their learning and trasversal skills. We can verify this via a periodic self-evaluation survey.

Solution tweet text

Phyls: easily acquire complex knowledge in pills

Solution innovativeness

Our chat bot provides stimulating pills and, despite a scattered online search, it automatically provides the necessary path to users, simplyfing and reducing the time wasted in researching.

Solution transferability

This chat bot helps the users in many fields, not only physics ones, since it provides pills for each users' interests

Solution sustainability

We think that the first year Phyl can be successful among about 5% of high school students in the science branch and undergraduates in science universities

Solution team work

Of course, time-management was on point and so the collaboration between team members

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