#Piccolipassi verso l'Essere comprensivo, costantemente responsabile

#Piccolipassi verso l'Essere comprensivo, costantemente responsabile

Our challenge, your solutions

interactions between being analog, and a digital accompaniment

Education and instruction must be understood in an intergenerational and constant context, towards inspiration and realization of possible, tools and interior maturations. Different and constantly modifiable accompaniments, digital and analog always available.


Team: Initiatives to support the whole community and towards the value of every single life and including every celestial body - #ilvalorediognisingolavita - #piccolipassi

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Solution description

Inclusive education, supporting constant intergenerational participation and revisiting urban spaces. Approach to research and technologies and languages ​​as technologies, towards multisectoral synergies. Involvement in open and equal projects and dialogues. Communicative approaches that can be constantly remodeled and with attention to analogical and inclusive and participatory spaces.
Experiences with revisited canons, seeking all responsibilities and with the ability to perceive them from every task performed.
Rotation of tasks and interaction between dynamics as in the example of learning and necessary experiences.
Diversified agendas, with a visit to open spaces and digital fragments, in support of the digital as an accompaniment to support the analog, allowing us to remember that the tools are in support of the individual.
Multitude of approaches that fill partial spaces of the day and that stimulate educated and educated responsiveness in most of the daily life, supporting intellect heart spirit soul

Solution context

Asking who the student is helps you understand how important the example you set in your daily life is.

The ageless and unqualified student draws attention to a different approach. An approach in support of the daily life of every single citizen and of every responsibility constantly present with regard to every single life, including the celestial bodies and the host celestial body.

A worker in every sector must be helped in the multidisciplinary approach and in taking responsibility in a broad way and towards everyone, starting from their own little one.

The observable habits and, which are supported by one's own doing and one's constant and daily example, are part of a possible understanding.

The approach to work as well as to education and instruction goes beyond concepts such as role, merit, ability, job, task.

Take for example a vessel in waters without a landing and without a possible destination.

In every moment, every life may have to become a guide, in fact one is always a guide in promoting one's example in every action and event.

In understanding every part involved in the constant educational moment, importance is given to every type of fragility, supporting approaches towards the development of sobriety and firmness and healthiness. Among many aspects to be constantly remembered, there is the importance of allowing inspiration and, of participating in the formation of interior tools that can also be formed over time. Enhancing every uniqueness and unrepeatability.

We are encouraged to completely revisit the models of existence and cohesion, without borders and where everyone is constantly responsible for everyone.


In giving examples of possible solutions, and allowing understanding of what was pursued and supported, some concepts are explained below:

  • being understanding: he looks at what is happening in the world and is interested in everything and, tries to understand how a complex system made of diversity works, is inclusive, approaches with humility and attention to what are the new discoveries.
  • constant intergenerational dialogue: renewal of technological frontiers towards participatory and equal layers.
  • art must be seen in a different way: art and technology cannot walk on different tracks, because they are all technologies, if anything there are current and past technologies. Every educational and occupational commitment are worlds that must communicate with each other by taking a first step.
  • in the current economic and financial models, turning towards maturations far from speculation and involutionary indices: evaluating the development of comprehensive spaces, where research can be activated and together with aware companies, using the lever of art as modernization with commitment over time, maintaining openness.
  • accompanying in the creation of an equal dialogue between art industry and celestial bodies guests
  • the importance of skills: in keeping focused on skills and bringing moments of transition to fields of existence that allow greater self-awareness and empowerment towards all, a responsible digitization can be supported and in support of understanding Being
  • considering the understanding Being we observe the opportunity of maturation for the individual, towards a whole and cohesive and healthy community, through technologies consequent to the maintenance of openness, aiming at awareness of freedom and leading towards real research, with dialogues equal and with responsibilities shared by all
  • from past awareness to open and co-creative technologies and sustainability

Much of the above is reported by interventions and expressions of many thoughts, moderating with what is pursued and supported in personal projects and initiatives.

Specifically, some viable solutions consider:

  • the difficulty of those who refrain from using devices.
  • the importance of the playful moment with examples of sober and educational and stimulating lightness and involutionary contrast
  • the importance of the playful moment as a space for reflection to achieve maturation and participation in inner tools
  • concepts such as reward or merits become a modest part of useful paths and from which to distance oneself soon, creating foundations of real participation in all responsibilities, supporting existences in rotating tasks and where everyone learns also through experience
  • direct and indirect experiences, focus on the value of transparency and entirety of information and on the importance of developing capacity to exist in the face of reality.
  • actually distant from current concepts and interpretations, of happiness and well-being, bringing participation in support of one's neighbor.
  • redefinition of urban planning: vast existing spaces become workshops and dynamic moments, center is periphery and vice versa, shared spaces and in multidynamic ways

Solution target group

every single citizen becomes part of the educational moment, the teacher participates as a student bringing what he has learned and remaining receptive and humble, remembering inspiration and example and the ability to be surprised.
Workers with different tasks will experience dynamics around them, such as to achieve induced maturation, with attention to maintaining openness in every direction and, to maintain the entirety of information, allowing unique and unrepeatable approaches, seeking transparency.
A community constantly participating in all responsibilities, where the place is not far from a whole community.

Solution impact

accompaniment in self-awareness, stimuli in support of re-education in being part of existence, support in taking responsibility in every direction and where everyone is constantly responsible for everyone. The greatest results will be in observing tangible behaviors of some in support of their neighbor, also promoting in many sectors equal and free of speculation or re-entry dialogues and turning to collaborations for the good of every single life and, supporting responsible and conscious approaches.

Solution tweet text

In school spaces,the distribution in presence can stimulate the formation of part of common spaces, reminding who is at home and what commitment is pursued by many. Multimedia walls,works of art,fragments of lessons.Existing responsibilities,deepened in other educational moments.

Solution innovativeness

In the attempts to transition towards whole and cohesive cohesion, approaches are proposed that recall a constant omnidirectional empowerment and where everyone is constantly responsible for everyone. Where the adult child can find examples to exist by carrying the child within himself avoiding existing in it.

Solution transferability

yes, the stimulated approach foresees every sector and discipline and doing, supporting an interdisciplinary multidisciplinary and multisectoral existence.

Solution sustainability

the development of aspects and technologies, where technologies are also design and every form of communication, are part of constantly changing dynamics. In some respects, attention must be paid to the cultural past of the local territory, turning to an entire and responsible community of all.
In the medium and long term, aspects that accompany the individual and the community will be strengthened, underlining how technologies must accompany rather than be accompanied only.
Recovery of spaces and of the past and of sensitivities learned and in every form, avoiding to lose or forget them.

Over time the dialogue between companies and artists and industries will strengthen an equal dialogue, sustaining all shared responsibilities constantly and remembering the value of every single life including that of the celestial bodies.

Solution team work

the development of the solutions presented also recall the commitment of others in past and current paths. Here I had difficulties in building a team, even though I considered being able to support other teams and other solutions. In trying to bring solutions or implementations, I prefer a textual dialogue for personal difficulties.

* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the DigiEduHack event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted provided that you acknowledge the source and the team which worked on the solution by using the team’s name indicated on the website.

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