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We aim to provide an AI-based platform for students and lecturers alike to improve their presentation skills.


Team: PresenTech

Team members

Maximilian Palm, Shabnam Sadegh, Amin Serajzadeh, Narges Chinichian
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Solution description

Are you annoyed by bored students attending your online lectures?
Do you struggle to keep their attention on the subject?
Do you think you need to present your lecture and receive feedback before the
 deadline but all of your family and friends are busy?
PresenTech is here to help you!
Educators and students face new challenges in the workplace today, that they have not been prepared for.
The challenge of having to present in front of blank computer screens and without actual feedback is big and practicing alone is not that helpful.
Therefore we want to create PresenTech. An AI-powered platform that helps presenters to improve their presentation skills by analyzing their speech, choice of words, and tone to provide accurate, objective feedback.
This feedback would include not only:
  • words per minute
  • times spent speaking vs. questions from the audience
  • vocabulary used
  • hesitations

But many more features extracted from the lecture. We hope this tool can help in educating the next generations effectively in the world of digital teaching and learning.


Solution context


Solution target group

There are 2 possible scenarios:
Scenario 1: B to B, so we provide this service as an add-on for zoom or MS-teams or ministry of education to make it accessible for all teachers.
Scenario 2: B to C, so we provide the service to all interested individuals. Teachers, students, and business representatives can be among interested clients.

In this phase, we are interested in the 2nd scenario. So the target groups are students, teachers, and business representatives.

Solution impact

Our solution will design an individual path for each presenter to improve their weaknesses. We expect that a few weeks of active lecture/presentation tracking will give our target group an opportunity to fix their presentation problems.

The effectiveness of our solution can be measured by volunteers making their progress data available to us.


Solution tweet text

Are you anxious to present in front of digital audiences? Try PresenTech to get valuable personalised feedback on your lectures.

Solution innovativeness

while there are some products to improve body language, we specifically focus on the voice and tone of the speaker. We detect catchwords, mumbles and monotony of voice.

Solution transferability

All the algorithms for the speech and text recognition can be used in many other contexts.

Solution sustainability

This product is not only valuable in the world of digital presentations, but can also help in day to day life and things like job interviews or pitches

Solution team work

Absolutely :)

We loved our team! :D


Dear juries:

The following contents are being uploaded:

1- A short video-clip that contains a summary of our project.

2- A link to our prototype, which contains:

  • Our team info
  • Our business model
  • Our sample analysis (done on real data with our own algorithms but put there statically to serve as example)
  • Summary of how the solution works

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