Professor Green

Professor Green

Our challenge, your solutions

Your 21st Century Teacher

For people who want to turn their lives more GREEN, i.e., recycling and reusing resources AND yourself for the betterment of society and for being a better human being.

The challenege is: nurturing a learner-centric digital space, GREEN information by building a technically strong humanitarian.


Team: Team Zebras

Team members

Adriana Ianchis, Mihaela Pisleaga, Saarth Deshpande, Nuno Vicente, Rohit Shidid

Members roles and background

Adriana Ianchis (Romania)

  • Pre Schooling Teacher of Kindergarten No.2 Caransebeș and master Educational Management on University Babes Bolyai from Cluj-Napoca
  • Interactive content, games for digital education, humanising digital connection


Mihaela Pisleaga (Romania) 

  • Assistant professor, PhD in in civil engineering
  • An engineering faculty’s approach to, and requirements of learning


Saarth Deshpande (India)

  • Information Technology UnderGrad student, entrepreneur
  • Engineering the solution, with consideration of practicalities


Nuno Vicente (Portugal)

  • Elementary teacher and teacher Assistant in Center of teachers Formation in a program of ACF (Autonomy and Curricular Flexibility); 
  • Educational and creative ideas to issues.


Rohit Shidid (India)

  • Final-year Diploma Student in Computer Engineering 
  • An engineering student’s approach to, and requirements of learning

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Solution description


  • Informative voice and video-based interaction (through Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing) platform to  help learners of all ages educate themselves and their community
  • Positive (and negative) reinforcement
  • Development as a healthy, responsible and empathic human being. 
  • Digital learning is transformed into one experience: human, interactive and sustainable.


Success Measurement:

  1. Active Users: numbers of persons go to (visit) our professor GREEN and use the beginning level, and numbers of persons who pay for the others levels.
  2. Users who became entrepreneurs / patent owners after use
  3. Social impact relates to the long-term positive change



Solution context

How can learners educate themselves with ONLY technicalities without learning human values, morals and differentiating between right and wrong? To rephrase: how can one attempt to learn life itself, while learning technicalities?

Solution target group

Learners of all ages, who wish to grow as human beings who contribute to society.

Solution impact


  • change mentality for the better
  • redesign AND redefine “learning”

Social impact relates to the long-term positive changes, for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, that result from activities or services provided by development-sector organisations.

Solution tweet text

Education. Health. Interactivity. Never thought you'd hear those terms in the same sentence, did you? Introducing: Professor Green, your 21st Century Teacher.

Solution innovativeness

A unique solution: redefining education by integrating technicalities and humanitarianism, while focusing on health and learning aspect of the learners.

Solution transferability

Possible use cases of our solution:

  • Personal
  • Schools / Universities
  • Corporate Offices
  • IT Industry
  • Learners of any age group

Solution sustainability

Mid-term Goal: Ideation of the implementation, as a service / product; begin use in local community, grow user space

Long-term Goal: Minimal resource expenditure (internet-independent), considering the best of both worlds (humanitarian + technical) and social impact like positive changes

Solution team work

Since the team members are from versatile backgrounds and multicultural spaces, we first understood each other's strengths and weaknesses. Then, we used these for the highest benefit of our solution, and not only eliminated diversity as a barrier, but used it to our advantage.  

As a team, we would love to work on A LOT of projects in the future!

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