Pugin - the school system

Pugin - the school system

Our challenge, your solutions

modular school system based on two-way feedback and dynamicity

The problem with the current education system is that it is very inefficient when it comes to organizational matters. We want to solve all of these problems with our system, which is modular - so it offers many features - and highly personalized - this makes the system fast, clear and efficient.


Team: GvIT

Team members

Tomáš Hobza, Jakub Bláha, Filip Schwarz, Jan Kostruh, Ondřej Havránek

Members roles and background

Tomáš Hobza - team leader

Jakub Blahá - fronted developer

Filip Schwarz - main designer

Jan Kostruh - main inovator

Ondřej Havránek - backend expert

Contact details

Solution description

Our project is built on the basis of a universal modular school system that is simple to use and focused on versatility and two-way communication in education.
We first describe the project in terms of the functional side, which is hidden to the traditional user. As far as this part of the system is concerned, modularity is our main concern, so that we can meet the requirements of as many schools as possible in the best and easiest way.
In the second part we will focus on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience - interaction design) and ways to make our system as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Solution context

Our solition aims to save time that teachers and students spend by chaotic organization caused by bad school systems. This time can then be used for educational purposes - this makes the school more efficient.

Solution target group

The target group is very wide - basically all schools. We want our system to be as versatile as possible. Our solution will make it easier for teachers to integrate modern technologies into their work, it will make it easier for students to navigate in online school and it will make it simpler for school masters to start using and operate a school system.

Solution impact

Making life easier for students and teachers and saving their time. We want our system to be used on as many schools as possible, so the way we will measure success - other than the user satisfaction - is the number of schools that actively use our system.

Solution tweet text

Our amazing idea is a slowly but surely becoming reality and school life may soon be improved.

Solution innovativeness

The inovatisvness lies in modularity that allows the system to suit all needs the school might have. Another big inovation is our dynamic dashboard that uses machine learning to show the users what they need when they need it.

Solution transferability

Our solution is specifically tailored for schools, which are by themeselves very diverse. The transferability we aimed at is for each type of school to be able to use our system.

Solution sustainability

The plugins, by design, are easy to update and more plugins can always be added.

As far as monetization goes, the system by itself is one-time-pay, but our services - such as servers maintenance - and some plugins will be under a subsribtion based system.

Solution team work

Our team is slowly becoming a company by itself. We all believe in this idea we have and we will continue working on this even after this challenge.

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