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Become aware about the risks through a virtual journey experience

In the [R]assicurati project we developed a stragety to connect insurance to people. 

The key point is the use of a virtual enviroment that lead the user through diffrent kind of risky situations arised   from the choices made during the journey.

Team members
Camilla Egua, Maria Sciarra, Isabella Rubbini, Silvio Di Santi, Elisabetta Rondelli
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Solution description

We would like to make the user aware of his/her daily risks and how he/she can act to mitigate them through an interactive learning experience.

This experience consists in presenting the user in front of different risk situations in which he/she can identify through a customizable avatar (digital twin) ready to be created in each pop-up store. Depending on the type of risk situation, the user makes different choices and follows a certain risk-based behavior. For example, being a traveler at the airport of Bologna, the user will be able to experience typical risks such as lost luggage, flight cancellation, etc.. In this way, the subject will be empathically involved in the concrete possibility of the risk and more inclined to rely on the advice of the insurance professional. The experience can be immediately accessed from app for consultation and additional education across other risk scenarios.

For those who cannot access a pop-up store, the same experience is available just by downloading the app and creating an own avatar.

New data will be acquired to enrich the existing risk profile and improve the offer. The success of the solution will be captured by specific metrics that measure the amount of collected data, new subscriptions, number of visitors, number of app downloads, sharing via social media.

Solution context

Diffuse lack of knowledge and awareness about the daily risks. Difficulty in understanding the insurance offer and matching the own needs.

The challenge is to introduce people to the insurance culture by an empathic learning experience enabled by digital solutions.

Solution target group

People who need insurance but are not sufficiently informed about how to do it:

Families and young couples.

Entrepreneurs, workers, professionals, and product specialists.

Travelers (single or group)

University students, tourists.

Solution impact

Our solution will impact on customer risk awareness, better and individual-based choices.

We measure that impact by counting the increase of insurance subscriptions.

Solution tweet text

#Hack your luck # DIGI EDU Hack Bologna

Solution innovativeness

Bringing insurance closer to people, we bring it into people's daily lives. Education to risk is carried out by means of customized digital solutions that allow a valued exchange between users and the insurance company. A digital twin creates an interactive and empathic learning user experience and facilitates the understanding of the insurance offer. This, in turn, could provide interesting insights for insurance companies to develop more refined risk profiles.

Solution transferability

The solution is scalable and replicable in different risk scenarios and locations where positioning different touch-points and hot spots.

The interactive learning experience can be easily transferred to every contexts (such as airport, fair, city center, etc.).

That is a symbiotic system between users and the insurance company for a mutual enrichment through the exchange of information.

Solution sustainability

In the short and medium term, a significant increase in awareness of the risk of the average citizen is expected.

Working in modular scenarios, the solution is scalable and easily customizable according to the needs. Over time, it would be possible to offer the customer a more targeted offer thanks to the collection of structured data on their greatest needs.

Joining other stakeholders in a partnership.

Solution team work

We are an eclectic and digital-addicted team.

We match our skills and work well together!

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