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do you like physics? do you like rockets?

A small web-based game where you are asked to find the position of a given projectile after a certain amout of time. after figuring out the answer, you can start the simulation and see how and where it ends up.


Team: rocketest

Team members

Dimitri Tabatadze, Nika Khutsishvili

Members roles and background

Dimitri Tabatadze - Programming, prototyping.

Nika Khutsishvili - Design, user experience.

Contact details,

Solution description

Our final product is a simple web-based game. It can help strengthen your intuitive physics skills. Our solution can enhance physics learning process by providing simple visualizations and simulations. 

Solution context

We help students to learn by providing simple and playful visualizations. This makes it easier and more fun to learn physiscs 

Solution target group

School teachers and students

Solution impact

students will be more motivated to learn and this will result in much higher grades and hirgher wuality of education.

Solution tweet text

a simple physics based puzzle game to develop you intuition in a correct way.

Solution innovativeness

After resarching for a while, we were not able to find anything simmilar, at least in Georgian.

Solution transferability

some part of this project could be transfered to other subjects but not very many

Solution sustainability

Our plan is to polish and publish our product and than promote it in our local shcools.

Solution team work

We did very well as a team and could absolutley continue to work as a team.

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