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Platform that integrates modern tech trends with education

RapidEdu is am innovative platform that incorporates
modern trends into education to make learning fun
and easy.


Team: Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium

Members roles and background

B.G., 15 years old. Interested in the Stem field. Learns robotics and programming. She loves art, science and technologies. Has a TBC Bank scholarship. Winner and participant in various projects. And she's constantly trying to develop herself. Role: Project Manager

N is the Web Developer of our team. He has been programming for quite some time now. He specializes in Web Dev, even though he is currently taking Dartmouth's course on C and Linux. Nikoloz is an alumni of IT Step Academy. During his time as a developer he has worked on quite a few projects. He is currently teaching programming to students at his school alongside Giorgi Zhvania. His hobbies are reading, gaming and sports. Age: 15, Role: Web Developer

GCL is a part of our programming team. He was born in 2005, 12 August in Greece, Thessalonica. George has been studying various programming languages for over two years and he has contributed into smaller projects before. Other than that Constantine really likes physics, history and creating music. Age: 16, Role: QA Tester


G is 16 years old. He likes working with computers and programming. He has been developing websites for 3 years. He has been interested in tech since young age. He is an alumni of IT Step Academy. Him and Nikoloz are currently teaching students at their school how to program. Outside of school he enjoys playing football, gaming and cryptotrading. Role: Designer

Contact details

Solution description

Our team has outlined a solution which we believe can help solve contemporary issues. We have created a platform that provides quick and fun facts for people who wish to learn more about the world. Facts are divided by subject, currently we have four subjects: Physics, History, Philosophy and Literature. The platform is extremly easy to use

Solution context

Amidst the pandemic, it has become clear that standard education methods don't work well anymore. We think that learning nowadays should be fun and enjoyable, not boring. It's become obvious that today short content performs better than long, monotonous content. We use this fact in our platform and offer short, interesting facts to everybody who wants to learn something new when they have spare time.

Solution target group

Our platform targets anybody who wants to learn something new when they have time to kill, but we also think that the short, concise format of the content will appeal to teenagers the most.

Solution impact

We belive our solution can help inform people of things they didn't know and as a result the general population will become more knowledgable about the world around us

Solution tweet text

We are happy to announce that we have launched RapidEdu, a platform where you can get interesting facts in a short and a concise manner!

Solution innovativeness

We think that implementing modern trends in our project makes it innovative. We also believe that there isn't a platform like ours which is specifically aimed at education.

Solution transferability

We believe that the solution is built specifically for education and thus cannot be effectively used in other contexts, but we also believe that it can be used in different educational environments.

Solution sustainability

We plan to continue developing the platform in the future, we also plan to develop native apps for our solution.

Solution team work

Our team has shared the workload remarkably well. We distrubuted roles among ourselves quite well and we would be happy to work together in the future.

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