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Students face difficulties in doing chemistry practicals

Eventhough the Sri Lankan Government include the chemistry practialcs in the syllabus, the students who got familiarize with the practicals is very low. Due to this, youngsters face so many difficulties during their day to day activities in the near future. 


Team: Code2futurE

Team members

T.Keerthanaram, K.Vishnuka, A,Lavanya, S.Abishek

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Solution description

Our offline web based application of Rasayana_V1 will help the students to learn the chemistry practicals in their local language (it may tamil or sinhala) or english. It will be completely based on the Srilankan Syallabus and it will be updated with every update of Srilankan Syllabus. It can be measured through the marks scored by them in their examinations. And it will also helps the students to solve some problems in day to day activities effectively. 

Solution context

The inefficiency of chemistry practical application in the schools. The school may be lack of well equipped laboratories or may be lack of available resources. It may be physical or chemical resources.

Solution target group

The students of G.C.E Ordinary Level and Advanced level are the main target groups and the teachers also got beneficial with this. 

Solution impact

The students will increase their competency in learning the chemistry practicals. As well as the self oreiented learning will be enhanced within the students. And it can measured properly by analyzing the marks or the results conducted with relate to the subject.

Solution tweet text

Rasayana_v1 will be a offline system wich increase the competencies of students in chemistry practicals in localization and it will also helps in the self oriented learning of students.

Solution innovativeness

There are some competitors found in the market like Bijus and other chemistry mobile applications. But it is differs with them due to the locality and it completely based on the Srilankan Syllabus. And in this students can able to control the volume of a solvent and or solute by which the outputs will be differ in each situations. So, the students able to understand a practical than doing in a physical environment. And it will be sustainable due to the resource management. 

Solution transferability

Yes, it can be further usabale in other science practicals also. But in Biology the living being relation will be too complicated for schools students. 

Solution sustainability

We try to collaborate with the governmental and non-governmental bodies of Sri Lanka. Thorugh this the implementation will be easy and effective. We already had a meeting with a NGO at Mullaitivu for the implementation and it result in a positive result. As the mid term effect  the engagement and marks of students in chemistry practicals will be increased. And in the far future there will be a whole set of youngsters with a clear idea of chemistry application in day to day activities. And it will be a good basement for the students to shine in the Universities also.

Solution team work

Our team is comprised with different field specialities like a member from Enviroonmental science, another from physical science, another from Computer science, and other from the technology. So, each will able to give a effective iutput through discussions. This will help to get more bonding in between the members due to the understanding new things from other members out of their specialities.

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