Our challenge, your solutions

Re-fresh your mind! Your solution to avoid food waste.

Nowadays waste of fresh food is a huge problem which depends a lot on our capability to be organised and planning well our groceries. Re-fresh, a easy-to-use application for smart devices, allows you to reduce food waste and promote healthy diet, food sharing and awareness.


Team: Refreshers

Team members

Elena Giaccone, Tomas Monopoli, Baris Akyuz, Luca Cerri.

Members roles and background

Elena Giaccone _ Product designer and developer
Tomas Monopoli _ Market manager
Luca Cerri _ Business Developer
Baris Akyuz _ Technical Expert

Contact details,, Luca Cerri.

Solution description

Our final product is an application for smart devices which helps you buy and organize your fresh food, tracks expiration dates and warns you to take action to avoid waste.

It also promotes healthy eating habits, food sharing and a socializing community

All in all, it reduces the food waste from the households and helps building awareness on sustainable food circularity

Solution context

Too much food is wasted in each household
Forgetting food up to the expiration date

100% reduction in household food waste
Promoting food circulatiry and awareness through digital media

Solution target group

By wasting less (or no) food
By training to have a fresh and healty diet
By having discounts, coupons or benefits in shopping or restaurants
By self-motivation and self-improvement

Supermarkets, Restaurants, Cafés, etc.:
By increasing publicity therefore increase the number of their customers
By increase customer fidelity and the number of returning customers

Solution impact

Households can reduce the wasted food for 100%
Promoting fresh and healthy diet in a community
Create social interactions in a community
Food circularity

The economic and environmental impact of the food saved will be expressed in CO2 and euro.

Solution tweet text

Re-fresh your mind! Your solution to avoid food waste.

Solution innovativeness

Althought there are apps in the same category, we are better because:

  • We are free
  • We offer ease of use (automatic scanning and updating)
  • We provide store benefits (discounts, coupons, etc.)
  • We boost social interactions while reducing food waste
  • We promote food circulatiry and a sharing community

Solution transferability

  • Can be transferred to a larger community, broader customer segments
  • Can be updated with features to extend the capacity of the app
  • Can be modified to be combined with other health or food sharing apps

Solution sustainability

  • The project will possibily to start and gain popularity through online shopping and then will be extended to a larger amount of people and businesses.
  • The app will be used to decrease wasted food from households
  • The app will promote a progressive community

Solution team work

This team is an exemplary combination of multi-cultural group from multi-disciplinary backgrounds

Different influences strengthened the vesatility and created a balanced and long-term bond between teammates.

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