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Find&Connect in 3 clicks new ways of teaching and meet experts!

The importance of empathizing with the user (through interviews) allowed us to understand the problem and develop a more relevant solution for them.


Team: Teach4Reach

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Solution description

A platform different than others, where you don’t necessarily need to sing-in and still you’ll find what you are looking for in few clicks. With a friendly and easy-to-understand interface (website and application).

The platform will be divided in 5 categories

  1. New ways of teaching __________ (field to fill in the name of the subject/student with special needs)
  2. Technology tools to integrate in my curriculum.
  3. What's the latest in my subject __________ (field to fill in the name of the subject) and the possibility to connect with experts.
  4. Teaching materials (collaborative platforms, interactive Q&A platforms)
  5. Training and extra activities in my subject __________ (field to fill in the name of the subject)


Category 1. Will be for teachers who have tried new teaching methods. For example, maker activities in their curricula or new learning practice (multidisciplinary approach, defront classroom, project-based, etc.). Also, innovative teaching methods for students with special needs.

The users (teachers, curator, expert) if they want to upload their experience they will need to register. And we will use a system that will prevent duplication of material and a neural net to prevent offensive language.

Category 2. A list of technological tools that are available for teachers to try and incorporate in their classes (AR, VR, simulation of labs, coding, 3D simulation, etc.)

Category 3. In this category the user will fill in the field with the name of the subject of their interest and will find the most up-to-date articles written by experts (for example, for the subject of biology the new trend in “bioethics and the societal implications of biology”). The value-added is that users will be able to connect with experts in the area to discuss further through a booking system that will be habilitated. Experts will be invited to register in the platform and share their articles there (as part of the citizen engagement strategy) and asked if they would like to be contacted by teachers, if yes, the booking system will be activated protecting their personal data.

Category 4. A simple database with the most popular collaborative and interactive platform used by teachers.

Category 5. An algorithm will help us to find and add in a calendar way what activities are happening in the country and abroad that are related to the subject of their interest.

Additional functions

  • Matching system. If the user registers in the platform and create their profile the benefit will be that can be matched with other teachers with similar interests and use the booking system to establish communication with experts.
  • Rating system. Curators who will be on the outlook for new methods and technological tools will rate the material. Also, users will be able to leave their comments and rate the material available in the platform.
  • Favorite space. The user who registers will be able to have their own space with a dashboard showing their search history.
  • Notification system. The user who registers will be able to receive a notification when a new method is uploaded according to their preferences.

Solution context

After conducting a few interviews with real audience (teachers) we were able to frame the problem:

  • There is no guidance to teach a subject, thus, the need of practical experiences is useful and desired, as well as the connection with other teachers and experts.
  • However, teachers lack time to surf for hours over the internet to find practical experiences, new ways of teaching, integration of technological tools into the curricula.
  • Teachers lack of contacts with experts even though they think is important.

So, our platform is addressing these important points.

Solution target group


Solution impact

Increase the motivation among educators to connect with other teachers and experts and share their practical experiences when using new methods and digital tools with other teachers who are looking for inspiration.

Solution tweet text

Find&Connect in 3 clicks new ways of teaching and meet other teachers and experts!

Solution innovativeness

  • Customize content by profile setting
  • Matching profiles

Solution transferability

  • The platform will be open to every teacher from Czech or other parts of the world that want to share their practical experience.
  • To make it accessible for everyone the material shared can be upload in the original language but it would be accompanied by an English translation. The same with the videos, they can be done in the original language but the creator of the material would need to add English subtitles.

Solution sustainability

The users, curator and experts will be motivated enough to continue feeding the platform and connect through it.

Solution team work

We tried to split  task but at the end we were doing everything together, which proved not very practical. 

But the profiles of the team were good: we have the user (teacher), the project manager (integrator), the optimist suggesting to try new things and approaches and the critic finding holes in the ideas. 

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