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Read Create

Activate students' curiosity into the world of Literature by: 

a. designing scavenger hunt like games and missions 

b. combine ebooks from digital literacy platforms like EPIC with interactive gamification platforms 

c. kids create 3D/cartoon videos/handcrafts to extend the plotline



Team members

Edoardo Tallarico, Yeyoung Koh, Linjing Li, Agnes Hio
Contact details

Solution description

Scavenger hunt activities designed by our service and app that is better than the existing QR scavenger hunt generators online. 

Teachers can save time from designing their own QR scavenger hunt clues but spend more time to get oral feedback with students. 

Students can also create tangible products at the end of their reading sessions to actualize their imagination of the storyline. 

Solution context

Transforming the typical classroom setting in reading sessions from flipping pages mindlessly to scavenger hunt like activities.

Solution target group

students from around the world aged 7 to 15


Solution impact

Students will collaborate with each other in the scavenger hunt activities and improve their social skills whilst reading. 

They could also enjoy reading without the need of external motivations. 

Solution tweet text

#ReadCreate #reCreate

Solution innovativeness

Reinventing and combining existing applications. There are already existing technologies such as reading apps and 3D printers available, but our idea is to encourage kids to build reading habits from the very core, through fun activities. 

Solution transferability

It could be done anywhere in the classroom, with a set of prescribed instructions. 

Solution sustainability

Collaboration with schools is necessary, but the materials can be reused every year. 

Solution team work

We are all pedagoical majors so we shared a lot of our experiences in classroom teaching, and worked really well in putting the slides and presentations together in a timely manner.

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