Relive the Past

Relive the Past

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Relive the Past

VR application for experiencing  historical events of different epochs with the ability to download additional materials


Team: VeReal

Team members

Darya Belova, Aleksandra Govorova
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Solution description

The solution is a virtual reality application that allows you to experience in real time various historical events of five major epochs (Pre- and Ancient history, Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary history). This application is not just a limited set of scenes. It is possible to download additional materials (scenes) from the server as needed.

The solution covers the school's history curriculum. It can become a part of the large-scale movement of digitalization in education.

This application can be monetized through in-app purchases. Users will be able to experience a standard set of scenes and to buy additional materials.

Solution context

Teaching liberal arts is loosely connected with modern technology, which is interested in most of the younger generation. Presentations and handouts do not have the same impact on students as VR technologies.

The introduction of such a solution allows to take a fresh look at liberal arts. Thus, one of the unsolved problems is small involvement during the lesson and, as a result, a decrease in interest in the subject itself.

Therefore, the team began creating a product that will solve this problem through VR.

Solution target group

Public and private educational institutions are potential users of this product.

Students will get an unforgettable experience, so that they will remember important events and dates better. It will lead to an increase of the level of engagement in the classroom, allowing teachers to conduct the lesson effectively.

Solution impact

The use of actively developing and widely used virtual reality technologies for the reconstruction of historical events allows users to take a fresh look at the past and get acquainted with little-known but important episodes of history.

The use of virtual reality for historical reconstruction allows not only to see but also to feel the significance of the events taking place before the eyes of the user.

Introducing this technology in educational institutions can significantly increase interest in the past, especially among youngsters, who are most interested in modern technologies.

Solution tweet text

VR application for experiencing historical events of different epochs with the ability to download additional materials

Solution innovativeness

There is a number of applications on the market that reconstruct only one specific historical event. The proposed solution is a hub for storing and downloading the necessary events (scenes) to the smartphone.

It allows to combine all the reconstructions into one convenient application.

Solution transferability

Not all countries can afford expensive reconstruction of events and objects. Moreover, not all historical events can be recreated in real life.

This application allows to solve this problem. Such reconstructions can be used during some urban activities and excursions.

So, implementing this solution can increase tourists’ interest to the history of a particular country.

Solution sustainability

The first version will contain a small initial set of scenes. The application will be available only in Russian.

New virtual reconstructions will be added to the hub as soon as they are ready and needed.

After successful implementation in Russia, the application will be translated into other languages.

Solution team work

During the hackaton we did a great job as a team. We would love to continue to work together in the future.

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