Respect of the elderly

Respect of the elderly

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Respect of the elderly

Special organization must be organized in order to solve elderly people challenges.



Team members

Alibek Eshev, Guzal Ochilova, Nurbek Kobilov, Sokhibnazar Omonov

Members roles and background

Alibek Eshev - Head of International Cooperation Department of Karshi engineering-economics institute, Uzbekistan

Guzal Ochilova - Docent of Social Sciences Department of Karshi engineering-economics institute, Uzbekistan

Nurbek Kobilov - Staff of International Cooperation Department of Karshi engineering-economics institute, Uzbekistan

Sokhibnazar Omonov - Staff of International Cooperation Department of Karshi engineering-economics institute, Uzbekistan

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Solution description

    Respect for the elderly is one of the eternal values ​​of our people. Our state is doing a lot of good deeds to honor the elderly. In particular, 2002 was declared the Year of Respect for the Elderly in our country, and respect and attention to the elderly was further strengthened. May 9 is also marked as the Day of Remembrance and Honor in our country. Thanks to this holiday, our elderly parents will be honored by our people and will be supported materially and spiritually. On this day, our honorable fathers and mothers, who have passed the hardships of history and worked selflessly, will be honored and   respected.

    There are bitter and sweet sides to life. Elderly people need attention, kindness, and compassion. It is necessary to pay attention to such people. Because their lives were spent in labor, they are now unable to work due to old age, they are sick and powerless. They are the ones who have contributed to the development of the society and the motherland, who have raised the family, who have raised and raised children, who have taken care of their families and children.

   Old age has certain difficulties and complications, such as illness, dizziness, back and leg pain, loss of strength, loss of previous strength, and small steps. But in old age, people have a different outlook on life. Words are weighty, glances are calm. People who have gained a lot of experience in life remain humble and gentle. The old man is weak and wants kindness to himself and others. Based on the above, the following suggestions should be considered:

  1. Elderly people need politeness in three main situations: in sweet treats, in the preparation of delicacies, and in soft bedding.
  2. It is necessary to establish an organization or a fund to monitor the social needs, health and financial status of lonely elderly people, to develop measures to identify and eliminate their problems in a timely manner.
  3. It is difficult for the elderly to travel long distances to bring food and other necessities. Therefore, it is necessary to establish "Delivery Services".
  4. The use of the experience of the elderly, the establishment of membership centers in counseling centers or psychologists, financial and moral incentives, the use of life experiences to make them feel that they are a necessary person for society, gives good results in educating young people and work efficiency.

Solution target group

Solution intended for those over 60 years of age

Solution impact

This solution impacts on creating new opportunities and comforts for elderly people,

Solution tweet text

We can solve challenges of elderly people through establishing technological and modern ways.

Solution innovativeness

Innovativeness of the solution is to establish technological and modern organizations which work only for elderly people to eliminate their difficulties in order to make more opportunities in every sphere 

Solution transferability

This solution also can be used on Food Safety, Health Care and Financial Areas of the government by the abilty of monitoring of social needs, health and financial issues as long as establish monitoring organization for elderly people.

Solution sustainability

By sharing this solution to Government Administrations and doing explanatory works on social organizations we can manage accelerate realization of our plans and we believe it works for a long time. 

Solution team work

Our team UZBKEEI visited to more than 20 lonely elderly people to research and observe problems and difficulties that they are facing. We are going to observe more families and continue working as a team.

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