Reture - When the future meets the past

Reture - When the future meets the past

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Reture - When the future meets the past

"When the future meets the past."

Connecting people from different generation and will help everybody to learn about the important interest of the other generations and to communicat better with them.


Team: The Smurfs aka the Blue Team

Team members

Calin Adrian, Grosu Karina, Petrescu Karina, Georgescu Alexandru

Members roles and background

Ionela Georgescu - Teacher

Ionescu Georgian Adrian - Student

Alexandru Georgescu - Student

Karina Petrescu - Psychologist

Karina Grosu - Developer

Calin Adrian -  Business

Contact details

Solution description

Please describe your solution. What is your final product/service/tool/activity? How could the solution be used to enhance digital education in the your challenge area?

Our solution will connect people from different generation and will help everybody to learn about the important interest of the other generations and to communicat better with them.

It is a web-based solution accessible through a username and a password where anyone can find information about other generations (from scientific information about some behaviors, see how the teenager’s body and mind changes, to funny stuff). On the first login the user must provide some information: the generation he belongs to (mandatory) and at least three other hints about some topics the user likes: music, movies, sport, arts and hobbies. The platform is a learning tool and the content available is curated by experts at the very beginning, but the users can contribute with content as well, and this content will have ratings. The user can give a first rating on some content related to some generation, after this, the user will have a learning journey about that generation and he will be prompted to rate the content again. For example: a song from 2019 will have a rating from a 50 year old user, after this rating the user will watch some content related to music history, how the music envolved and, at the end he will be prompted to give a new rating to the same song.

How could the success of the solution be measured? How will the solution provide benefits to the challenge owner?

We will measure the first ratings and the ratings after the learning process. There will be reports available for everybody based on the learning process about the other generations. We intend to use neuronal networks and learning machine to curate the relevant content for the learning process. The success of the process will be measured based on the gap between the first rating and the rating given after the learning process.

Solution context

What is the problem you are facing?

Generation conflict. We all faced the generation conflict and the conflict generation is an artificial conflict, it is a lack of communication with other generations and a lack of knowledge about others.

What is the challenge that you are solving?

The lack of communication between generations and the feeling of superiority or inferiority related to other generations.

Solution target group

Who is the target group for your solution?

Every internet user who is interested in undrestanding why there are differences between generations. The main target is: active parents and teenagers.

Who will this solution affect and how? How will they benefit?

The solution will increase every user’s knowledge about other generations. It will increase the level of understandig for other generations behaviours and preferences.

Solution impact

What is the impact of your solution?

Our solution will have a social impact because it will improve the relation between different generation and will help the users to be more empatic with people form other generations.

How do you measure it?

There will be quantitive and qualitative measurement.

The platform will deliver the folowing quantitative information:

  • •The number of users;
  • •The number of active users;
  • •The number of ratings given;
  • •The number of users that requested specialized support

The platform will deliver the folowing qualitative information:

  • •The quality of content;
  • •Comments related to the learning experience
  • •Comments about how the information helped the user to improve the relation with the other generations.

Solution tweet text

Is your generation better than others? Was your parent’s generation better or worse than yours? Hold your breath, don’t answer Yes or No. Check the real answer on Reture platform.

Solution innovativeness

What makes your solution different and original? Can anything similar be found on the market?  How innovative is it?

We didn’t find a similar solution on the market and it is the first platform dedicated to this problem in this way. The solution is innovative because it is a combination between a social media environment, a learning management platform and content platform. We tried to bring elements that are easy to use for each generation via internet.

Solution transferability

Can your solution be used in other contexts?

Yes. The platform can be replicated in the corporate environment.

What parts of it can be applied to other context?

The entire platform can be used by the companies that want to solve the internal conflicts of the different generations. Each customised platform can contains differnt content, curated by the experts based on the customer needs.

Solution sustainability

What is your plan for the implementation of the solution and how do you see it in the mid- and long term?

The plaform is a web-based one and it can start as soon as the development is finished. The platform is a problme solver for every generation and can accomodate, in time, new generation that can benefit from the content availble, already.

The biggest advantage of our platform is that it can be sold as service to companies as well as a service for end-users for a subscription fee.

Solution team work

How well did you work as a team? Could you continue to work as a team in the future?

We started from the very begining as a team where each member could present his idea and agreed that the feedback must be a constuctive one. Because all the members have complementary skills it was very simple to work together. All the member of the team has a clear understandig of the idea but more important, all of us believe in the idea.

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