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Personal development game-like platform

RiseApp is a personal development game-like platform that aims at improving the parts of one’s temperament that are not naturally developed.


Team: Violet

Team members

Daniel Toma, Georgiana Tănase, Ștefania Armașelu, Octavian Cotîrță, Alexandra Botușan, Liviu Iancu
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Solution description

RiseApp is a personal development game-like platform that aims at improving the parts of one’s temperament that are not naturally developed.

RiseApp will:

- decrease the risk of emotional distress

- improving the social abilities will improve school success

The user register into the app with just a Nickname. He then precedes to take a quick test that will determine his type of personality, more exactly his temperament. The friendly approach is made by a generated personal “monster”, as a pet to take care of. Using this information, the app will randomly generate tasks for the user that will train his less developed sides of personality and will temper the emotional traits that may be undesirable. The task will involve interaction with a real person and, after the task is completed the person will give a feedback to the user and based on that, the monster will be transformed in some way, such as changing colours or size.

The success of this project will be measured by the number of users and the number of task accomplished and if the solution will be implemented in at least 5 schools in the next 2 years.

Solution context


The main pain is that children have a low level of emotional intelligence so they don’t functionally manages emotions. Also, they are not thaught how to control and exercise them at school. The reason why we need to address the problem is because in present day the Emotional Intelligence is becoming important in getting a job[1].


-difficulties faced by teachers to involve young people to express their emotion in a meaningful way

-absence of a controlled environment, designed by a professional and supervised by the class-master for developing SEL

-the need for a live professional psychologist in the classroom


b[1] https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/318187

Solution target group

Our app is centered on young people, aged between 10 and 18 years old, that are comfortable with technology and are keen on developing their socio-emotional abilities.

They can benefit from using the app by completing the challenges and tasks made specifically for their unique type of temperament.

The secondary target group are the teachers that will have a live professional psychologist in the classroom in a controlled environment.

Solution impact

Our solution turns a child’s play into an instrument that makes emotional development fun and interesting. Increasing the socio-emotional abilities of the child is in direct correlation with school performance.

The children will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try something against their normal emotional instinct. Because the environment will be controlled and tailored by professionals, the children will feel safe to explore their emotions and the feelings of the people around them.

Since children will get used to interact with other people and analyze their feelings and the other child feelings, they will get a better understanding of their own emotions and they will also pay attention to other people’s emotions, in general or towards them.

In the end, the socio-emotional response of the children in situations that may feel uncomfortable will improve in time and they will be more self-aware, emphatic confident and curious. Since those attributes are essential in present days, a tool that can improve development in that area is useful and welcomed in the school’s ecosystem.  

Our measurement for success will be the number of users and the number of task accomplished. Also, during our school pilot the children will be asked to rate the app in terms of usability, design and coolness.

Solution tweet text

Rise App – ready to #rise? Tame your temper while having fun with your own little monster!

Solution innovativeness

This app identifies the user’s temperament and gives tasks tailored by professionals in order to moderate the extreme emotional behavior the user may experience in a stressful situation.

Solution transferability

Rise App can create inside the virtual world, specific targeted groups, as: work groups, family groups, whose users need and want to work more on their social skills and relationships. The app can be personalized to send tasks useful in the workplace organization, helping also the manager connect better with the other employees. The only configuration needed is to personalize the given task on the groups.

Solution sustainability

On short term we pilot this project for 6 months free trial in at least one school (5 classrooms) focused on the personal development classes coordinated by the class master. Moreover the psychotherapist in our team wants to introduce it in her personal development classes, for a cost.

Then in the mid –term we will focus to the circles of personal development sustained by the psychologists and to the directors of the schools for implementation in school curriculum and summer camps.

On the long term other colleagues of our psychologist team member may use this instruments in their own groups.

Solution team work

We experience some difficulties in choosing our theme and we need our mentor intervention for deal with this situation. At the final some of us choose to renounce at the personal idea in the behalf of the team.

Each member of the team participated using his past experiences as best as they could, Liviu, Dan and Octavian making the graphics and design while Georgiana, Alexandra and Stefania helped with the people skills necessary in order to empathize with the future users.

We could have worked better as a team, but in the end everything turned up to be all right.

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