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Team: AAP

Team members

Alessandro Capuano, Antonio Fares, Francesco Paolo Mariani.

Members roles and background

Alessandro Capuano: Leader

Antonio Fares: Speaker(s_fares.antonio@altamuradavinci.org)

Francesco Paolo Mariani: Designer

Contact details

Solution description

An application intended for students, of schools with different specializations, which allows them to share information related to the required topics, or to solve problems in a specific area; all this will serve to increase the exchange of knowledge, thanks to the interaction between students with specific skills.

Solution context

Difficulty for students to understand certain topics.

Solution target group

Students of all levels.

Solution impact

Establish partnerships between university students and students of schools of all levels.

Solution tweet text

An application intended for students of different schools that allows to sharing information related to the required topics.

Solution innovativeness

Our application, developed in this area, is unique. Only this application connects students from several schools to help each other.

Solution transferability

This application cannot be used outside the school environment.

Solution sustainability

This application cannot be used outside the school environment.

Solution team work

Group work allowed us to devise and develop this idea, collaborating with each other and with people who helped us to develop it to the fullest. Working in a group, as happens today in all jobs, was fundamental; consequently the skills developed thanks to such experiences are essential for our future work.

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