Safe bike storage

Safe bike storage

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More than just a parking for your bike

More than a bike parking - an application which provides a solution to solve the problem of bike theft and damage in the cities, through the use of sharing economy in private ownerships and an innovative usage of public space.


Team: Nothing but bike thieves

Team members

Filippo D'Amico, Alberto Romero

Members roles and background

Filippo D’Amico, 31, Italy. Msc in International Business. Product marketing professional.Bike usage activist

Alberto Romero, 25, Spain. MSc in Civil Engineering and road maintenance professional. Concerned about transportation and making it sustainable

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Solution description

The solution is an app which allows to storage your bike anywhere in your city either using private or public space in a safe mode, preventing theft or damage. 

The solution unlocks the usage of the bike in order to increase the share of cycling in our cities.

The success of the solution can be measured by the number of people who use the app and the revenues which the usage of the app generates. And also by the share of bike usage in the cities.

It will be a map-based app where you can find both spots in private spaces and safe poles in public spaces and where you can manage the rental with the owners, and the payments for the users.

Private spaces will be used through the sharing economy scheme: people who go from point A to point B can book a bike spot in a space owned by someone else around the destination area by using the app in an automated or more social/friendly way. This is particularly suitable for people who want to leave their bikes in a spot hassle-free for a longer time-span. On the other hand, the owners of the spaces can get an extra income by adhering. 

The use of the public space will come with the installation of poles that will allow people to park their bikes in the street in a safe way, having poles with flexible locks installed in them, making the solution valid for any type of bike and user and making it not necessary to buy and carry expensive locks with you. A percentage of public car parking spots will be used for the installation of these bike parking facilities, shifting space from car use to bike use, or in any other spaces designated by the municipalities. Initially, this mode is thought more for short-term parking although they are safe enough for longer parking periods as well. The process of locking and unlocking of the bike will be controlled by the same app described as well as all the management of the payments.

Solution context

The fear of theft or damage to the bikes when they are parked in the public space

Solution target group

Bike users and potential bike users in the cities. People owning the private spaces and the public institutions.

For bike users and potential bike users: it will make bike usage easier and they won’t need to take too many safety precautions. For space owners: they can get an extra income from their space. For institutions: they will get a higher bike usage share thanks to private/public cooperation

Solution impact

More usage of the bike.

Masuring it with app downloads, active users, active owners, bike usage share, air quality, revenues of the company

Solution tweet text

More than a bike parking - a comprehensive safe parking solution which puts together private and public forces to foster the usage of bike by solving the problem of theft and damage

Solution innovativeness

Bringing secured parkings to the bike planet. 

The bike-sharing systems allows to have the bike secured but there is nothing to achieve the same goal for private bikes

Solution transferability

In the European context it can be applied to any country and even beyond Europe

Solution sustainability

In the mid-term the plan is to achieve agreements with the public institutions as well as the private owners. In the long-term, become the reference when thinking about parking a bike in the city.

Solution team work

We worked well as a team and we managed to combine 2 different views of solving the same problem: the safety of bike parking.

Yes, we would be happy to continue and work together

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