Sanna' We connect to contribute

"Sanna" We connect to contribute

Our challenge, your solutions

Interdisplinary makes wonder!

ringing scientists, students, researchers and Techtogether with artists of various fields, designers, video and photographersin order to find the right match for a specific project.




Team: Sanna

Team members

Randa Zarrouk, Daniel Pronin, Oussama Chebbi, Till Rückwart

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Solution description

Platform for linking with peers for multidisciplinary research projects with strong emphasis on the intersection of science, art and technology. Find another curious mind for future collaborative research projects.
Let's create a platform that connects innovators, designers, artists and researchers for future collaborative (artistic) research projects at the intersection of science, art and technology. Locally, there are alliances of art schools with (technical) universities as well as community spaces that share a common interest in co-creation. How about a digital solution to find the next research mate, no matter whether it's for the masters thesis, a PhD project or an exhibition?


  • Idea to bring together people for interdisciplinary projects 
  • starting with connecting students
  • talk to higher education institutions if they would work together with such a platform
  • providing a social and connecting project management tool

This project primarily aims to connect university people to collaboratively tackle cultural/artistic/research projects. The focus:  interdisciplinary co-creation. People/students from different courses, institutions, countries can match via their interests and define new research projects.

Solution context

When looking for new people to participate we tried all the social medias to find new people.
That was rather difficult. Especially the fact that there is no popular purely Student social media with a digital pinboard for example to initiate groups or finding people for existing ones. We mean a social media where you can be a student rather than a private person or fantasy character. That led us to try dating apps because many young people especially students are using them. And it actually worked out! We tried to work with the concept of using it for a serious purpose of getting people together from all Kind of Backgrounds to work together in Projects.
Thats how we got interested in the Idea presented here on the #semesterhack and decided to Develop together with randa and Till this social Project Platform for scientists, Students, Tech people and artists . Bringing These people together for the purpose of realizing Projects on Work interdisciplinary and transmedial on Projects for a brighter future

Solution target group

  • Researcher (Academic, PhD, Art ..)
  • Student or professional with skills to offer ( programming, design, painting, photography, sculpture, calligraphy ...)

Solution impact

Facilitate finding the right person for your project

Facilitate to the person to find the right project for him or her

An artist can look for the right IT person and find her

A biologist can look for the right artist for his project and find him easily.


Solution tweet text

An artist and angineer, we should be together too in this project!

Solution innovativeness

Space where students can easily find projects that they can work on without the painful search via university websites and LinkedIn which is full of job offers rather than bachlor projects

Solution transferability

Yes, it can be made be specific for one university or one filed instead of the board range of the specialties and the places

Solution sustainability

Membership for advanced features.

Donation for projects and a small percentage of the donation goes to the app.

Solution team work

It was a great opportunity to practice online team working with people the first time you meet or e-meet. It was challenging to meet the deadline with a short time but the teamwork helped in that. We want to work together in the future.

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