Science Escape Room

Science Escape Room

Our challenge, your solutions

Science excape room

A scientific excape room is our solution. It is a virtual tool to enhance digital education in science literacy.



Team: The Cubers

Team members

Recchia Mario, Loizzi Ilaria, Sisto Jonathan, Tricarico Michelangelo, Ferro Rosa, Zatton Edvige, Sivo Margherita, Traversi Giancarlo.

Members roles and background

Recchia Mario (Student)

Loizzi Ilaria (Student)

Sisto Jonathan (Student)

Tricarico Michelangelo (Innovator)

Ferro Rosa (Researcher)

Zatton Edvige (Educator professional)

Sivo Margherita (Teacher)

Traversi Giancarlo (Teacher)


Contact details

Solution description

A scientific excape room is our solution. It is a virtual tool to enhance digital education in science literacy.

It runs through the envolvement in:

-3D envinronment design,

-Orienteering in virtual reality,

-Creating or modifying a script,

We think that the success can be measured by the following items:

-Number of users,

-Number of users that reach each step of our escape room,

A satisfaction questionnaire .

Solution context

The low involvement of some students in digital and science training.

To improve the involvement of students in digital and science training by learning experience.

Solution target group

Target group for our escape room are teens. It can be used by student with different levels of education and ability, also with special needs. The escape room supports students in many different ways:

-stimulate cooperative learning,

-Improve science training in users with special needs (learning, sensory, cognitive disabilities),

-Stimulate self-monitoring in learning process,

-Improve self-esteem and users attention.

Solution impact

It is to join higher level of emotional and cognitive involvement of students in science training,to increase quality of relationships and  wellbeing in school.

We measure impact by:

- observation of  envolvement degree

-  questionnaire of self-assessment

Solution tweet text

A virtual room where Science is an amazing experience to explore. Avatars will interact with scientific objects to let invisible world be visible. Famous scientists will lead you through their discoveries enlighting the birth of ideas, the struggle to defend them, the power of

Solution innovativeness

This is first application of an escape room to science education. This virtual environment is created with a sim. Our solution is innovative because it makes possible to interact with the environment.

Solution transferability

Escape room can be reproduced in any context.

Solution sustainability

Our solution needs a device and Internet connection and the rent of a server only in the case we want to work with more users.

Solution team work

It was an amazing experience blending our different abilities in order to create something unexpected and new.

We hope to continue to work together on other subject too.

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