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ChatBot Science Learning

Our team devolped a chatbot that help high school students studying scientific subjests. The bot help the users by offering three diffrent games: scientific quiz, musical chemetsry and virsuality, which makes learning a fun activity.



Team: Aufhebung

Team members

Annalisa Bardini, Federico Guerra, Olga Pallini, Emily Kreuzer, Enrico Delia
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Solution description

In order to help the students with their studies and to improve thier memorizing skills our Bot offers three different games all scientific based: scientific quiz, musical chemetrsy and virsuality. The first game provides a series of questions divided, by difficulty, into three groups. The second game that the bot propose is a chemestry game which connect the subject with music. The goal of the game is to link different elements in order to form a melody. Finally, the last game offered by the bot is a virtual realty which has biological elements as characters where the user has to compleate all the passages of different biological functions.

Solution context

There are different problems that our group have highlighted: First of all scientific subjects could result quite boring for young students that might find more interesting other activities. Secondly, these subjects might appears difficult to memorize as they include many specific terms. 

Our team search for a solution which would make learning more fun and interesting.

Solution target group

Our ChatBot is made for young students, especially high school students, with an age between 14 and 18 years old . We decided to direct our bot to this specifc target of people as we belive that young adults are the ones who struggle more with scientific subjects.

Solution impact

The impact of our project could be measure by tracking the stundents progress in scientifc subjects. 

The bot will help students improvimng thier school performance and at the same time reduce tah amount of the time they have to spend studying.

Solution tweet text

Our ScienceBot will help future students by teaching a new way of learning scientific concepts.

Solution innovativeness

Our method is not based on a didactic way of learning but on an interactive approach which help studets even with the most difficult arguments. 

Solution transferability

Our bot can be applied all over the world as scientific subjescts are studied in every counrty.

Solution sustainability

We belive that our bot can be considered sustainable as it does not have many costs and at the same time it might become source of incomes.

Solution team work

Our team was formes by five people. we worked really cloaesly in a perfcet mood which helped a lot with the creation of the project.


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