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Let's build together a dynamic scientific network together

To promote networking among researchers during the corona crisis, we are developing Tinder for scientists. Find interesting researchers from all over the world and share your current work/projects with them.


Team: ScienceMatch

Team members

Axelle Lecroq, Pan Friebe, Till Friebe

Members roles and background

Axelle studies Digital Humanities in her Master in Paris Science Lettres

Pan studies National Economics in his Bachelor at the HU Berlin
Till studies Computer Engineering in his Master at the TU Berlin

Contact details

Solution description

We designed a network for researchers with similar scientific research topics. ScienceMatch will create an easy way to connect people. The system will come close to the one of Tinder. First of all, you create your own profile, indicating your current scientific work. After you have created an account, you can start swiping for other researchers. The idea is to match researchers with common problems and ideas without the hassle of publishing a paper.

Solution context

In the times of Corona, we all have to cope with great difficulties in our daily lives. Especially with the first digital semesters. But many of us pay special attention to the problems of the students. That is why we have decided to concentrate on the scientists who have already been trained. Thereby we could, we hope, solve the problems discussed in the input video. By making it easier for scientists worldwide to exchange information. Therefore we lean on the gamification of Tinder.

Solution target group

In the first version of ScienceMatch we focus on PhD students and professors. Because, as already explained in the input video, there is a huge demand for a better communication and exchange with their scientific colleagues around the world. After that the app can be opened further and Master, Bachelor and possibly non-academic people can join the app to further strengthen the scientific exchange.

Solution impact

ScienceMatch is a solution to a concrete problem. Its impact is directly linked to it: it facilitates the creation of an academic network. Indeed, the network of scientists is no longer limited to its own university or the conferences they attend. The academic network is now international, easy and without any geographical or event barriers, and all this at your fingertips.

Solution tweet text

Create your academic network from home and meet international researchers interested in the same scientific issues as yours on #ScienceMatch. Let's build together a new way to create a dynamic and sustainable scientific network!

Solution innovativeness

Science Match combines networking in the scientific world with a playful character. After all, there can never be enough communication, especially in the world of science. That means our app is not only relevant for the Corona time but also beyond. Because knowledge must be shared and scientists must work together. Even if this is basically not a new idea, it is even more frightening that there is no creative solution for this problem yet.

Solution transferability

The solution can be applied to many problems to connect people. For example to connect people with the same hobbies, to present job offers or to find problem solvers for presented problems.

Solution sustainability

One of the few advantages of Corona is a worldwide reduction of emissions.  Flying is particularly harmful to our environment. Even the scientific congresses cannot be excluded from it despite the noble purpose of the research. Therefore, with Science Match we try to make the first contact possible faster. To avoid senseless flights.

Solution team work

A united team with a real sharing of tasks was necessary to successfully carry out the development of this project. Thinking about a project that makes sense is fraught with challenges. Our solution was to discuss, research and evaluate whether or not ideas should be implemented. 

Afterwards, a deep graphic design work was important in order to propose an application with a fluid and intuitive user experience. The creation of the video, sound recording and animations were also an important part of the two days to offer you a video format that best represents our project and our teamwork. 

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