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We are preparing a web based online platform which will obtain educational qualifications and other interests of a particular individual and analyze those data and provide the most suitable educational or job opportunity.


Team: Mora HackShip_V

Team members

Chamal Silva , Vinura Ransika, Lahiru Gayantha, Chamini Lakeesha, Upeksha Udayaratne
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Solution description

Through this web application the students who are expecing to plan their future will be guided to choose higher education or beign as a worker. System choose the paths for students by considering their experience, educational qualitfications and their interests. Also through the system we are giving points to the each of the qualification to inspire students to improve their educational qualifications and have better job opportunities.Also by using this higher educational institutes can increase their student base.To attract customers to our product we are trying to give offers for students when they are registering through our website.We also hope to implement articficial intelligence system and redirect future trendings and choose the best path for career by using it. 

Solution context

After having their A/L and O/L examinations most of the students are coming up with many confusions on choosing their career path or higher education due to lack of knowlade and experiences.Thus, sometimes they choose paths that are not really suitable for them and giving up them in the middle.We are creating a platform to overcome this matter and help students to choose their own way depends on their desiers. 

Solution target group

The main set of people satisfied by this solution are the students who have completed their OL and AL studies and awaiting for an opportunity for their future studies.Job providers and higher educationa institutes are also our customers. 

Solution impact

Mainly our product aims on the students who are struggelling to look for future educationa opportunities.With this product we hope to influence more number of students to motivate them to look for opportunities by using our product.This will be impact the society hugely. 

Solution tweet text

Our goal is to provide the best educational opportunity for your perfect future.

Solution innovativeness

Our product provides both educational and job opportunities for a particular individual.No other product in the market does these both tasks simultaneously for a selected individual. 

Solution transferability

In job seeking platforms we can also implement this product. 

Solution sustainability

The AI built within the system receives data from the users and after sometime it'll start performing its function.This is the core driving sector of our product. So after sometime creating this product with the information it receives from the data input, the performance of our product will be im proved over time. 

Solution team work

As a team we divided our work into seperate fields and worked in cooperation to create the finalized presentation of our product proposal. 

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