Senior Help Desk - the way for the deinstitualization

Senior Help Desk - the way for the deinstitualization

Our challenge, your solutions

We support You and our solution will solve all challenges

Thanks for uou SeniorHelpDesk You will be more independent, less loneliness, and more happy with people who will solve your daily needs with  everything what is important for Y. We believe that Y will be the Agent of change in the live of the community. And next You will teach grandchildren.


Team: Free Seniors

Team members

Aleksandra Pietrzyk, Dorota Kilańska

Members roles and background

Creative Director  - Dorota Kilańska MUL, Lodz

Executive Director - Aleksandra Pietrzyk, RCPS Lodz

Contact details,

Solution description

HelpDesk for seniors provides knowledge in the use of information technologies in  the areas  for seniors with the greates challenges. These challenges are related to the inability to use digital technologies . When they use them sometimes the tools are not working well, and people enegaged inh SeniorHelpDesk will provide to solve problems with using technology with using knowledge of Mentors who will provide and train them in the daily living, help not only with solve problem with IT but also support with loliness and deliver/provide socail contact with people who are availaible in the community. They can visit them thanks to SeniorHelpDesk will receive information who need this help. Senior can also be the end users of new sollution, and will test IT tools to be more friendly for elderly people. In this way, seniors will independently use the services on the Internet and increase their independence.

Solution context

The European Disability strategy 2010-2020 provides the framework for empowering people with disability to fully participate in society and ensure they can enjoy their fundamental rights. The strategy reiterates the EU committed to promote the participation of disabled people in leisure activities, employment, education, health, social services and to achieve the transition from institutional to community based care.

In the first place (59.1%) among the reasons mentioned by the respondents is the lack of need to use the Internet, and thus the lack of motivation. The lack of digital skills is listed second and indicated by as many as 44.8% of the respondents.

Digital literacy - 40 % people in 2019 (65-74) use internet during last 12 months. Poland has one of the lowest percentages of people using the Internet. In the 55-64 age group it was 34%  Sweden 89%, Great Britain 65%), while in the group of people 65+ it was only 8% (58% in Sweden and 32% in Great Britain). Deinstitutionalisation not availaible in Poland.

Solution target group

Seniors who have problems with using new technologies, have problems with broken technologies who would like to be teach from strangers. The indirect target group is the adult children of seniors who can encourage seniors to benefit from such support. Health system will be more availaible for people who have medical not social problems and people with medical problems who can use IT solution more frequent and with more confidence thanks to SniorHelpDes support.

Solution impact

  1. Seniors  - more independent - 10 % seniors more use health websites when they are seeking information about health in the
  2. Better interegenerational contact - 20% seniors more are using social media independly
  3. Less spending on institutionalisation - 25% less founds are going to DPS institutions
  4. Deinstitutionalisation of Health care - the  waiting time for visit in PHC will be cuted to 5 days less
  5. Can reduce the feeling of loneliness - evaluation based on a survey one year after the implementation of the solution. The expected results are a reduction in loneliness among at least 80% of users.

Solution tweet text

SeniorHelpDesk will help you become independent and find yourself in the digital world!

Solution innovativeness

There is no such solution on the market. Our solution is unique because it can apply to everyone, not only seniors. It integrates older, youth, public organizations and enterprises in the digital world.

Solution transferability

This solution can also be used for people with disabilities and children.

Solution sustainability

  1. The first step will be to find funds.
  2. Find Partners.
  3. Find Patronages.
  4. Find programmers who will create solution - SeniorHelpDesk.
  5. Create a platform by the programmers employed for this purpose.
  6. Scanning the environment to find Mentors for SeniorHelpDesk.
  7. Train Mentotors for SeniorHelpDesk.
  8. Establish Mentors Network groups devidet to proffessions.
  9. Dissimination of information about SeniorHelpDesk in the environment.
  10. Establish Teams with different competencies.

Solution team work

We are engaged in this work and can work with different teams in the future. I think we did a great team work creating this solution.

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