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Removing barriers for asking questions

Students helping their fellow students, at the same time, informing lecturers of potential issues concerning the course content..
We have built a platform where students can ask for support concerning any problems they might have throughout their curriculum. Students, lecturers provide answers.


Team: Students4Students

Team members

Cedric Vanhaegenberg, Wouter Vlaeyen, Lukas Marynissen, Nawang Tendar, Eline Dumortier

Members roles and background

  • Cedric Vanhaegenberg: Consultant 1, Front end developer, Back end developer
  • Wouter Vlaeyen: UX/UI Designer, Front end developer, Back end developer
  • Lukas Marynissen: UX Designer, Front end developer, Back end developer
  • Nawang Tendar: Pitcher, UX/UI Designer Front end developer, Back end developer
  • Eline Dumortier: Consultant 2, Typewriter, Pitcher

Contact details

0032471400921 (Eline Dumortier) -

Solution description

Our concept is based on the principle of students helping their fellow students, at the same time, informing lecturers where potential issues occur concerning the course content.
We have built a platform where students can ask for support concerning any problems they might have throughout their curriculum. Fellow students and lecturers can provide them with appropriate answers. Using a platform and app lowers the treshold for students to ask questions and to tell lecturers which parts of the course content are not that clear.

Solution target group

  • Students with questions about the course material of their study programme.
  • Lecturers who want to enhance their educational practice. Via Shoot! they will receive feedback on their teaching performance by means of mutual remarks/problems they receive from their students via our new platform.

Solution impact

Our platform is organised by study programme and furthermore categorised by subject. We do this in order to get an appropriate overview of the questions. All the users individually can swipe away, like or comment on messages according to their interests on their device.
Talking about lecturers: they will be able to see the questions asked by their students, and also how popular they are via the upvote system. However they ain’t allowed to view the comments of everyone on the posts.

Via the upvoting system, the most common problems will be re-discussed first. The lecturers can spot this by seeing a lot of likes for a certain problem.

Solution tweet text

Every shoot counts @Artevelde! Do you have a question? Ask your 13.000 fellow students! #AskYourQuestion #Students4Students

Solution innovativeness

The combination of helping lecturers to get feedback in order to optimize their teaching performance, and the problems of students which can get solved is the key to efficiency.

Solution transferability

Our platform can easily be used by any other educational institution. It might be interesting to change colors and adapt some personal touches. 

Solution sustainability

Our platform is integrated with the Canvas API, so easy accessible to all students at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. The platform is a web-app, so there is no need to go to the Playstore/Appstore to download an application.
We will market our new platform by means of word of mouth from the lecturers towards the students. Furthermore, by posters, flyers with QR-codes. In the short term, our concept needs recognition of the students. Once they have found it out, it will be a huge success we assume, eversince both parties (students and lecturers) will benefit from our efficient system.

Solution team work

The members of our team get along very well. There is a nice atmosphere, in which we tried to grow throughout the twenty-four hours. Future projects would be nice to participate in together over again. 

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