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Simuland, the new experience in evaluations

Simuland, is a friendly web software that simulates real-life business situations in a company for different scenarios and based on personalized responses. Students can apply what they have learned at the level of knowledge and skills and develop the soft skills that every professional must have.


Team: Market Solvers - Team 38

Team members

- César Andrés Lopez Peruna - Heraly Milena Mamani Matias - Sharon Raquel Tacanga Camasca - Elsa María Tasayco Linares - Roberto Daniel Aviles Rojas

Members roles and background

CÉSAR: Leader

Student of 9th cycle of the Administration and Marketing degree at UPC, with a major in Digital Marketing. Belonging to the higher fifth of the career. I have experience in social media management, developing entepreunerships and making research of market behaviours. I am a proactive person who is adapted to work in groups and prepared to deal with difficult situation.

HERALY: Developer

Student of 9th cycle of Administration and Marketing, belonging to the upper third. I am specializing in Digital Marketing, Consumer Insights and Data Science. I have experience in the area of e-commerce management, newsletter and social media management. I am characterized by being a responsible and assertive person, prepared to face work challenges and an expert in teamwork. 

ELSA: Idea and content creator

I am in the tenth cycle of the Administration and Marketing degree at UPC with a major in Digital Marketing. Belonging to the upper fifth. With experience in the area of administration of shopping centres. Empathetic, creative, I adapt well to change and willing to learn. I am interested in working on projects related to digital marketing, design thinking and strategic marketing.

SHARON: Designer

Student of 8th cycle in Marketing at San Ignacio de Loyola with a double American degree in International Business at San Ignacio University (Miami). I am a creative person with skills in managing and executing projects. I have a wine company called “Tacanga”  and I am dedicated to creating the content of social media and the trade. The responsibility and perseverance are two main pillars in my life.


I am a consultant in service design for internal and external customer. In addition, I develop social projects for education and entrepreneurship. Also, I am a distance learning assistant with graduate degrees in administration and education.

Contact details

- César Andrés Lopez Peruna: - Heraly Milena Mamani Matias: - Sharon Raquel Tacanga Camasca: - Elsa María Tasayco Linares: - Roberto Daniel Aviles Rojas:

Solution description

Our service is based on a simulator that allows assessing the intellectual and soft capacities of the university students through digital media to rate them efficiently, due to the new methodologies that have been developed recently. The professional development of each one is efficiently managed. It will generate students with more preparedness to face the challenges in the work field and  will increase the prestige of the university, due to the good performance of the students, which reflects the academic quality and innovation.

Solution context

As a result of the covid-19, the lifestyle and implementation of methodologies has undergone a complete transformation in the field of education. The traditional method of conducting evaluations where the presence and validation was required, has lost suitability. This has generated several points of improvement in the current assessment system and has brought to light topics that had not been developed with greater emphasis before, such as soft skills.

Solution target group

Solution Target group: Our target group is conformed by private university students who need to develop their teoric knowledge and soft skills to be optimally qualified. On the other hand, private universities and institutes around the country need to develop new methodologies to increase the academic quality to generate a higher prestige.

Solution impact

Our solution impacts students by developing their soft skills and knowledge, which generates more capable professionals in our country to deal with real cases in companies, creating future leaders. This can be measured taking in consideration the employability time rate for the students who are searching for a job to know how long it takes them to find a job and the reduction of the copy rate in the exams.

Solution tweet text

Simuland provides a new way to measure students' abilities and skills, bringing innovative methodologies with digital elements, through simulations, where they will acquire real experience enhancing their professional profile and with that they can succeed in the labor market

Solution innovativeness

We are different because the qualification is based on theoretical-practical knowledge and on the development of the soft skills of each student, which allows evaluating their performance and showing them in real time, the improvement proposals and what they should follow developing. There are various simulators on the market today, however these do not have a specific area that shows detailed results

Solution transferability

As well as being used in the educational field for universities, it is also used for schools at all three levels: pre-school, primary and secondary; for courses such as civics, mathematics, sex education, etc. It can also be adapted for business, such as in training and skills development programmes or employee selection tests. It can also be adapted for the business environment, such as in training and skills development programmes or employee selection tests. This is a user-friendly platform that can be adapted to different contexts, does not require major changes, is easy to use and provides many benefits depending on how it is used. Simulation assessments will help to get a clearer picture of the profile and the way people work and relate to each other, in the work environment and according to the company culture.

Solution sustainability

To proceed to implement the solution, we will first look for a competent team to support it, as well as establish an alliance with a university to develop the idea in a context closer to reality and, once developed, we will proceed to test the user experience and polish aspects to achieve a high level of simplicity for the user. Finally, in order to achieve communication and reach with the platform based on the target audience, networks such as Linkedin and websites will be used to explain the value proposition in a detailed and attractive way. 

Solution team work

Good teamwork is made up of commitment, collaboration, empathy and respect. Thanks to the competition we have formed a group that is committed to working together in a successful way, constantly striving and coordinating in order to achieve our common goal: to develop an innovative and adaptable idea to improve assessment in the context of university education. In a few years we hope to bring this idea together into reality and to see the fruits of this in the improvement of the quality of education.

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