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SkilLAB: team, collaborate and apply knowledge today

Our platform helps students who want to develop soft and social skills while applying knowledge to real life-like scenarios by counteracting the deficit of practice opportunities and social distancing effects and developing abilities useful to them, and society, outside the educational environment.


Team: SkilLAB

Team members

Lourdes Jazmin Muciño Garcia

Members roles and background

Student of Innovation and Development at Tecnológico de Monterrey with focus on user innovation and appropriate technology. 

  • External Relationships Coordinator - FIRST Robotics 2018
  • Innovation and Development Student Society 2020
  • Representative of Engineering - Student Parliament 2020
  • ITESM National Leadership Summit 2017
  • ITESM CNC Leadership National Training 2018
  • World Peace Initiative Leadership Training 2019
  • Climate Reality Global Training 2020
  • Data Recollection - Children's Rights Project with Mexican National System for the Integral Development of the Family - 2018
  • Design of appropriate technology for the visually impaired  - 2020
  • Growing Future - sustainable urban food system innovation - 2020

Contact details

Solution description

Our platform helps students and learners who want to develop soft and social skills while applying knowledge first to AI real life-like scenarios by counteracting the deficit of practice opportunities and social distancing effects and developing abilities useful to them, and society, outside the educational environment. After practicing with AI-generated cases, students will have the opportunity to connect with peers, mentors, and organizations to develop real projects and solutions, also considering as soon as health measures permit it if interaction and physical presence is needed.

Solution context

Social distancing has accentuated obstacles for communicating, connecting and developing social skills, 273 million projected young people in NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training) in 2021 (International Labour Force), with digital resources, hybrid education can make the most of the opportunity to go beyond theoretical knowledge and make materialization of wisdom possible.

Solution target group

Students and learners in higher education with access to the internet looking to develop skills to connect, collaborate, and apply knowledge, as well as organizations interested in skill development and/or looking for support from innovators for valid solutions.

Solution impact

Students, mentors, and organizations will be benefited, but also the impact of the actions taken from the users will benefit society and the environment by focusing both AI-generated and real solutions around SDGs. 

Solution tweet text

Are you able to save the world? Undergraduates don't know, haven't got a chance yet. Join SkillLAB, develop problem-solving and soft skills with real-life based problems, use global connectivity, team up w/people from around the globe. Solve the case, save the world.

Solution innovativeness

  • AI to bring real-world problems to the students who need to develop useful skills that can only be obtained from the real world.
  • Focus on sustainable development.
  • Focus on linking knowledge and action.



Solution transferability

  • Location filter helps to adapt the cases making them relatable and useful for students
  • Subjects concerning all career areas in the wide database of cases 
  • Hybrid model of linking knowledge and action, physical work needing interaction can be done when health measures permit proximity.

Solution sustainability

Strategic alliances with universities and companies so that they sustain the project economically and provide data to feed artificial intelligence and gain access to this system. All organizations in need of skill development for employees and/or looking for support from innovators for valid solutions, as well as individuals looking for team formation and experience, will be partners of SkilLAB.

Solution team work

Having flexible roles, we worked in a harmonious and synergistic way, proving unique points of view and insights that helped us build our business model. We connected and added what we wanted and what we know.

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DigiEduHack is an EIT initiative under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. In 2021, the main stage event is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

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