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we change the way how students, universities & corporate interact

We live in a time of radical transition and transformation. To successfully navigate this time of uncertainty new strategies and solutions are needed. Never before has the education played such an important role as society works towards a new way to live, play, work and learn. 


Team: Skillship Global

Team members

Jennifer Wieners, Sachin Pandey Rinku Sharma, Klaus Henschel, Mohammed Waheed, Julian Hufmann

Members roles and background

Rinku Sharma = Business Analyst and Onwer of a Maker Space in Frankfurt Germany (Migrant from Afgahanistan) 

Sachin Pandey = IT Professional in India Nagput

Julian Hufmann = 11 Year Old Student

Jennifer Wieners = Works at Travel Management Company in Sales Dep.

Mohammed Waheed = Student in Applied University of Frankfurt he is a Migrant from Syria 

Klaus Henschel = Professor at various Travel Universities 

Contact details

Solution description

We have developed a modular platform allowing students, universities and companies to interact through challenges . Challenge address real business and society issues, and linked to the related UN Sustainable Development Goals & Megatrends. Challenges help organisations to take environment friendly business decission and build sustainable businsess. Challenges can be open to any student and interdisciplinary, or tailored to a pre-selected group of students and themed e.g. by region, discipline or industry. All challenges are accompanied by our programms and each programme contains core skill development modules, including personal awareness, entrepreneurship, STEAM skills, seminars, company ‘visits’, webinars relevant to the theme or challenge as well as social and networking modules. Importantly, the self-evaluation, which is a critical to assessment, is gamified to encourage completion, and the programmes are designed with input from universities, companies, student organisations and the relevant advisory boards to deliver specific learning outcomes as a credit-earning exercise for degree completion. 

Solution context

SME's losing marketshare due to lack of knowledge/ courage in digitalisation. 

We see a growing tendenz of nationalisim which can be referred back to uncertain economical situation. (Hungary, Poland are unfortunate expamples)... 

Students / especially the once not from the country they study in are not having equal opportunites. 


Solution target group

Our target group are:

1) Small and midsized Companies who basically do have very hard time during the crises and are somehow also batteling for survivial when it comes to new markets stragegies and digitalisation. Many of the SME's globally have lost their USP to large digital organisation as they were either late, reluctant, worried or did not had the access to education... 


2) Students in general but our solution may help also students with migrantion background. Being migrant ourselfes Mohammed and myself (Rinku) know how hard it is to get connected specially to SME's. The already very hard competition doesn't make it easy for migrant students to get an equal opportunity. Furthermore the solution helps to have an open and digital mindset on both end (sudents and coporations)


3) With our solution we help organisations to take SGD's and Megatrends as new business opportunity and help to meet the EU Climate Goals.  

Solution impact

We are not people of many words, rather actions. Therefore in short: 


1) we are bridge the gap between the nations, gender, age and culture 

2) we help orgainisations to understand the importance of SDG's and how mindset can help them make better business decissions

3) We help SME's as they are the backbone of our economy and play a very important role to keep up the balance. As young people are mostly eager to work for large Multinationals Companies our initiative can give a boost to SME's and make them known among the young generation. 


Solution tweet text

In together we are unique regardless of age, gender, nationality or color... we are Skillship: the diverse the stronger...

Solution innovativeness

Of course something simmilar can be found as it goes for alomst 99% of all solutions.

Anyone saying something else would be dishonest.. so we do better go for the truth...

Yes, things can be copied but we are a team with the right format, heart and engergy level to do it..... 


Solution transferability

Creative minds can do many things, therefore we think it is possible. However we haven't thought about this in this short period of time....

Solution sustainability

Mid Term: If we happen to be given the chance we will develop the App and since Klaus is Professor and we do have contacts in varoius "Hochschulen" in Germany and India we would tent to following :

Year One: 500 Students

Year Two: 3000 Studens / Int. soft rollput

Year Three: Global Rollout 

Solution team work

The youngest participant is 11 year old and did togeher with our IT Guy Sachin the coding.

Klaus,Rinku and Mohammed made the Business Case. 

Jennifer did the Branding.

We are proud of our project idea and sticking with each other to create something together. Even though we have never worked with each other before, we all communicated well and motivated each other. We’re also proud that despite going through so many iterations of what our project should look like and how it should be built, we overcame that initial hurdle and were able to commit to an idea and see it to the end.

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