Smart Aventure

Smart Aventure

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Entertainment in a smart room to develop personal skills

In a team of 3 to 5 people they will go into a smart room with televisions on the walls that will set the room like a movie. They must communicate and work in team to solve a series of puzzles i n a certain period of time, with the possibility of requesting help.


Team: Smart Adventure

Team members

Carla Nieto, Daniela Sierra, Brenda, Kevin Dimas, Leire Garay
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Solution description

Offer a technological space where the walls have screens and simulate various scenarios, teams of 3 to 5 people must work in teams to solve the puzzles in a creative and logical way, thus developing their skills in a different way. In the center of the classroom will be a holographic film where, if the team is stuck, they can ask for help, and a teacher will appear to advise them on their challenge.

The room will have controls that will interact with the screens, and they will be provided with a Tablet so they can write the answers of the puzzles, if the answers are correct, the scenario would go to the next level, until completing the challenge.

In addition, each member will have a bracelet-shaped gadget that will monitor body temperature, blood pulse and gland response to a given situation to detect their stress levels and give the results to you through an app and give them feedback on how to act emotionally in these situations.

The way to qualify will be through the achievement and participation that was had through the challenge.

Solution context

Students will face each other on a virtual stage where they will have to work together to complete a challenge. The experience will be entertaining, unique, fun and dynamic, where they will have to look for clues and decipher keys to be able to move forward and finish successfully.

It is sought that they develop their transversal competences so they can be prepared for the challenges that the labor world and personal life awaits.

Solution target group

The problem that we want attack is the lack of spaces in the universities to experience attitudes that develop skills and transversal skills to generate competitive professionals. Therefore, we believe that creating an intelligent classroom that offers a form of entertainment where the student can work their skills dynamically will make them want to participate, have fun and develop their skills and competencies.

Solution impact

Students will develop in depth the ability to work in a team, and they will be able to develop skills such as problem solving, acceptance and adaptation to change, task planning, leadership, creativity, observation, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and others.

According to the study conducted by the employment platform, infojobs, and the ESADE business school, the most demanded skills in employees are the ability to work in teams, adaptation to change, and results orientation, so, the students who develop their skills with this platform will be more prepared for the world of work, as well as to enter a company, or create a company.

In addition, according to a poll performed by Gallup and Strada Education Network, 70% of university graduated students feel like they do not have the necessary competencies for their first job. So this smart classroom will make that students feels more prepared.

Solution tweet text

Smart Adventure classroom

Solution innovativeness

It is a form of learning in which you can have fun and live an adventure through the interaction of a fictional scenario created by technology, where it will be in teams.

Solution transferability

Yes, only the adventures would change depending on the needs of the other campuses.

Solution sustainability

We would take care of installing the room with the televisions, the holographic film, the a bracelet-shaped gadget, and the tables. It will have an installation cost, and to access the library of adventures, it will be subscription-based, where new adventures will come out.

Solution team work

Of course! :D we match each others. Together we were able to pivot and build new ideas without conflicts, we understand each other and know how to work as a team.

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