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Social Media Ship

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Social Media Ship

Let's educate youth in Cameroun on the consequences of online actions. We have seen on social media that some people post and others relay information and messages that stir up hatred, discrimination, tribalism. Such scourges on the media threaten social cohesion, living together and peace.


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Elsa Grace Lekomo
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Solution description

The social media ship aims to initiate activities that can allow young people to be educated, made aware of the media and information in order to promote living together, social cohesion and peace.

It also aims to promote peace through the media and information.


Our prototype solution is a creative community intervention (not technology driven). To carry out our activities, we will offer a training grant to journalists and peer educators on the proper use of the media and information. Thus, organize socio-educational talks on the proper use of the media and information. However, we will use flyers with hashtags for this awareness focusing on basic education of children, young people and the issue of civic education and national integration, and how to manage information, how to use information. social networks, how to spot fake news and hate speech. For example, we take a concrete fact of a situation which happened in the North-West of Cameroon where a gendarme kills a little girl with a gun because her mother did not stop the car that left her. 'accompanying to school, the population in turn does justice by also killing the gendarme. Thus, this information went around the web where some people portrayed these images of their own way, how they perceive the information and others sought to degrade the information. This is why we will collaborate with all the leaders of other associations to raise awareness and put an end to the situations where Cameroon is crossing at this time in the North-West, South-West and Far-North. To remedy this situation we will go down to the field to raise awareness among the population and how the legal framework punishes offenders and propagators of false information.


Solution context

We have seen on social media that some people post and others relay information and messages that stir up hatred, discrimination, tribalism. Such scourges on the media threaten social cohesion, living together and peace.

We have also observed that people are characterized by incitement to intolerance, incitement to insult, denigration of extremist homophobia identity which creates tribal wars, inter-conflict wars between communities. Such remarks threaten peace and living together

Solution target group

Our audience is young people, decision-makers and public opinion.

Solution impact

A youth educated in the media and information to promote the story of peace and fight against hate speech.

Solution tweet text

Hey, did you know that YOU can change things? Check how you can stop spreading hate online here

Solution innovativeness

This programme is totally unique in Cameroon. 

Solution transferability

This programme could be extended to the whole Africa, as many countries here face similar issues with their youth. 

Solution sustainability

We have: qualified human resources ready for decent activities in the field; managerial capacity to manage the different phases of program activities; the financial capacity to launch the various activities of the program. 

Mobilization of a team for the decent in the field; offer training grants to journalists for the management of good information; offer a training grant to peer educators for awareness-raising activities and socio-educational talks in the field.


The sustainability of our program is justified by its continuity because the peer educators and journalists once trained will continue to raise awareness in their respective communities. Continuous because the community intervention will be deployed continuously to carry out decent activities on the ground for awareness raising in media education and information.

Solution team work

We worked as a multidisciplinary team. 

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