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A narrative game introducing students to the virtual world

The tool developed can be implemented since the first year of Primary school, giving both the pupils and teachers a step-by-step introduction to the virtual world 


Team: Spacenauts

Team members

Macchia Sara, Rusignuolo Mario, Cucumazzo Francesco Pio, Lapenna Francesco, Nicolazzo Cosimo, Campanelli Aldo, Bellino Anna, Pesetti Barbara.

Members roles and background

Macchia Sara (Student)

Rusignuolo Mario (Student)

Cucumazzo Francesco Pio (Student)

Lapenna Francesco (Education professionals)

Nicolazzo Cosimo (Other - Innovator)

Campanelli Aldo (Education professionals)

Bellino Anna (Teacher)

Pesetti Barbara (Teacher)

Contact details

Solution description

The final product is a narrative game. The tool developed can be implemented since the first year of Primary school, giving both the pupils and teachers a step-by-step introduction to the virtual world. The results are measurable directly by the teacher, given his role of mentor/guide, ideally aware of any success or failure of his young spacenauts. Besides, a system of rewards and penalties empowers the teacher in his analyses, giving him a constant track of each students’ strength and flaws.

Solution context

We are addressing digital analphabetism and unawareness. Our aim is to implement learning and understanding of the virtual world into educational programs gradually in the school years, gamifying the concept of classrooms, teacher and pupil, using the power of games to deliver cultural content.

Solution target group

We have identified two different main users:

We thought of an e-learning platform that combines gamification and unconventional contents in order to develop skills.

In fact with the tool students can learn and assess their knowledge in a new, fun and attractive way.

Contents will be shown as challenges, games and quiz. Teachers will choose topics by a catalog of contents and review them in order to improve their quality/enjoyability.

Solution impact

This solution will be effective for a wide range of students and teachers, changing the way of approaching technical contents.

Specific subjects like Math or History will be introduced in a more pleasant way through the use of gamification and storytelling elements. Results will be measured by quizzes and challenges. Every pupil will earn badges and rewards after passing steps such as completing quests, topics and so on.


Solution tweet text

A narrative game platform. Because Learning is a Serious Game!! #spacelearn #spacecowboys#spacenauts.

Solution innovativeness

A brief market research showed no results, besides here in the south of Italy we struggle against digital analphabetism, having few tools and methodologies addressing this important issue. We want to give schools a tool, empowering the learning process with attractive, customizable and playable content. 

Solution transferability

The narrative game is the best solution in order to spread culture, involve students attention and participations giving them a central in their learning experience.  This advantage can be applied virtually to any subject.

Solution sustainability

This idea is easy to implement, being a process innovation, based on already existing technologies. After an early stage of testing the process can be further develop and implemented widely into school programs, reaching a region and than nation wide involvement of the student.

Solution team work

Each membember of the team contribued with their personal experience to the analysis of the challenge, giving ideas and suggestions designing the project.

The team will improve the idea in order to realize it and obtain an MVP

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