STEM app: the fun way to learn STEM

STEM app: the fun way to learn STEM

Our challenge, your solutions


Our project is a multi-task game-app that promotes STEM and encourage more students (girls and boys) to choose these subjects in their academic career, it offers basic STEM education and different technological instruments for its players while they are building the smart City of their dreams. 


Team: STEM - Strong Team of Moldova

Team members

Oxana Casian, Argentina Botezatu, Andreea Mițco

Members roles and background

We are from the Republic of Moldova. We love to do things in a funny, creative, and hard-working way, but each of us is special in her own way. Oxana loves design, Argentina is passionate about reading, and Andreea likes drawing. What unites us is the love for STEM and our great wish to be a part of it by learning it in a simple and useful way, like our solution.

Contact details

Solution description

The project of the STEM (Strong Team of Moldova) is the game-app with multiple tasks that offers an alternative in solving a couple of challenges: come up with an innovative idea that will promote STEM and encourage more students (girls and boys) to choose these subjects in their academic career, it offers basic STEM education and different technological instruments for its players while they are building the smart City of their dreams. 

At the same time, STEM encourages more students to choose these subjects in their academic careers. The game app is composed of 2 main parts: one of them is like an educational Instagram that connects STEMers with their role models and actual STEM professionals. The other one, the most interactive one, is properly a game which consists of a set of tasks. By doing the tasks you are building the smart city of your dreams

The tasks have different levels of difficulty. It requires specific tasks, based on the analysis and progress of the player.

The created game community will have the feed, the profile, and the forum.Every user has a profile in the app that gives them access to the forum and feed. In the feed, players can share posts and get daily updates from other users (friends, STEM professionals, workers and role models) they follow. The community part of the app facilitates interactive learning of STEM through visual, amusing and educational material (the posts)

Solution context

Through these solutions we will contribute to the process of breaking the stereotypes, that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are:

  • complicated and boring
  • mostly for men
  • not useful in daily life
  • the best specialists in STEM are men.

 Our solution can be used both in the educational process and outside it.

Solution target group

Our target group is represented by teenagers (age 12-18) that are searching for useful, active, efficiently, and funny ways to spend their free time individually and with friends.

Solution impact

The main impacts (long term) of our app are:

  • helping its players to develop their abilities and choose the STEM path, especially among girls, by being inspired by women in STEM positions;
  • offering an engaging in the efficient/clear alternative process of studying STEM disciplines at schools. In this way, we convince teenagers that STEM is simple to understand and exciting to explore;
  • increasing the qualified active workforce in the STEM field, thus satisfying the growing demand for it (the predicted demand to be up to 50%).

Solution tweet text

STEM has never been easier. I choose STEM. I play STEM. I live STEM. #STEM_is_life #STEM_needs_us #women_in_STEM

Solution innovativeness

Our game app will contribute to developing STEM skills applicable in real life and career. As a STEM-er you're not going just to use the things provided in the app like in other games. In order to build your dream smart city, you're going to brainstorm, design, and create your own tools with the help of the STEM tutorials and tips. For example:

During the gaming process, players will need to complete some tasks, for example:

  • to grow your plants, complete one of the tasks (if you give the wrong answer, your plants will die.):

-"explain the circuit of water in nature, according to the images" (task difficulty - easy)

-"choose mineral substances that a plant needs to grow" (task difficulty - medium)

-"describe the photosynthesis process" (task difficulty - hard)

  • to build the roof of your house, use The Pythagorean Theorem in your calculus, or the house will ruin.
  • to wash your hands in order not to get sick and to be able to get your work done.

During the gaming process, it will generate similar tasks to ensure that the player has learned from previous mistakes. The game is a pretty good alternative instrument for studying STEM in the school projects, as it can be played individually and in teams.

Solution transferability

Our solution can help schools’ teachers to redesign the teaching process, promote, and develop focused skills in any school projects, regardless of the field. The skills developed in STEM app can be transferred in real life, specialized projects, and own job as a specialist.

Solution sustainability

  • According to scientific research, a teenager spends on average 7 hours per day on his phone. Imagine this time being used efficiently by playing STEM and gaining skills in the field!
  • There will be more applications for STEM universities. According to the users’ interests, we will promote different schools, colleges, universities’ programs, and events specialized in STEM.
  • The STEM app also encourages positively major changes in the methods used in teaching STEM subjects.
  • STEM can also be adapted to the market requirements, so giving it sustainability for the long term and continuously maintaining the attention of the users.
  • Our game app impacts consist of the exponential growth of qualified workers in the STEM field, providing the world with innovation, development, and progress.

Solution team work

As a team we passed through all the steps of creating a project:

  1. confusion (we didn't know how to solve the challenge);
  1. brainstorming (with the help of our mentor, each member of the team shared her idea and point of view);
  1. clarity and collaboration (we combined all the ideas in a single one and made it perfect);
  1. working hard and having fun (at 11 PM we were organizing our financial part, but at the same time we were laughing at our mistakes);
  1. anxiety (before and during the presentation we were nervous, but due to the support from our teacher, mentor, and J&J employee we focused on the work);
  1. change (We have learned that all good things take effort, but are worth it. I understood that STEM is fascinating to explore. And by being creative and innovative, showing the world our solution, we can convince other teenagers to choose and love STEM.)
  2. shock and happiness (we won! We are willing to follow our idea ).

STEM (Strong TEam of Moldova) will always be in our hearts! Now we understand that our team is the most supportive and united. We look forward to work together as a team on other challenging projects improving and disseminating our idea. <3

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