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Due to the implications of the execution of virtual exams and the difficulties of learning practical concepts in this modality, we established a proposal for the integration of intelligent systems to facilitate the execution of virtual exams in an online platform.


Team: Innovators

Team members

Aracelly Lizbeth Flores Soto, Elio Salvattore Campos Villanueva, Luis Alberto Segura Vasquez, Jorge Fernando Raphael Chacon Moreno

Members roles and background

Aracelly Flores:  Video editing, script creation, guidelines definition and brainstorming input.

Elio Campos: Design and implementation of the prototype

Luis Segura: Interface design, manual development, brainstorming input

Jorge Chacón: Preparation of the presentation, contribution in the elaboration of the guidelines and definition of the project

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Solution description

Our final project is a technological system that develops and facilitates the work between teachers and students in digital education. The solution is aimed at virtual classrooms of universities for use in the realization and qualification of exams. Using artificial intelligence algorithms for pattern processing, Big Data to provide personalized feedback to each student, and simulators from various careers for easy learning of practical concepts by system users.
The success of the solution could be measured by seeing visibility and increase in grade point average improvements in the class by 50%, reducing time to prepare for exams by 80%. The reduction of the correction of exams by 100% for written exams and by 50% for logical-mathematical exams.
This solution will provide benefits through a complete project interface that includes the elimination of factors that can reduce the quality of the exam process and the presence of plagiarism, reducing the exam preparation time for teachers, immediate scoring after taking the exam.

Solution context

This project faces the problem of the slow process when taking exams by teachers, because making personalized examns is a hard task for professors, in this way the times to take them are reduced. On the other hand, it faces the ease of access to plagiarism, since in our platform a tab will be specified for the development of exams without opening other pages or additional windows, because nowadays there is the difficulty of taking authentic exams and identifying let the original person perform the exam.

Solution target group

The beneficiaries of our solution idea are university professors, university students and the institution itself. University students will have personalized feedback for each evaluation and an identification of the academic profile, the evaluations through simulators, materials and tools suitable for each subject or career will help strengthen both practical and theoretical skills. The teachers will have a better distribution of the materials to take the exams, they will know the status of the students and will have ease in the elaboration of evaluations. Finally, the university will have a rapid obtaining of grades by automating the grading process with quality standards and the certainty of academic honesty.

Solution impact

The impact of the solution is the general improvement in the performance of students in different disciplines, the elimination of factors that can reduce the quality of the examination process and the presence of plagiarism, the reduction of the times of taking exams for teachers and the immediate score after taking the exam. The solution would be measured through the indicators of Time taken for exams, Time for exam grading and Average grade per course.

Solution tweet text

The artificial intelligence application seeks to create a platform to execute academic exams automatically and with personalized feedback.

Solution innovativeness

What makes our solution proposal original is that we use existing technology in artificial intelligence and metadata processing to create a complete system at the service of teachers and students for the realization, correction and follow-up of virtual / face-to-face exams. The system will provide feedback to students after the tests are taken. In the market you can find solutions such as SafeAssign,, Viper, for checking plagiarism, and Blackboard platforms for conducting exams, etc. But there is no tool on the market capable of containing all the solutions grouped together for the benefit of the student community.

Solution transferability

The platform can be used both in the digital environment, this includes face-to-face and virtual exams. The system can be modified and also be part of higher or lower educational contexts such as schools. Having more practical tests, not just written ones, can enhance students' creativity. In this case, simulators are useful for 3D exams in races that require it. On the other hand, companies can also use simulators, feedback and other system tools in the recruitment process. The tools for the execution of virtual classes and tasks could be expanded, broadening the perspective of the project beyond the exams.

Solution sustainability

In the medium term, the system will continue to grow based on the feedback received from both students and teachers. Scale the service based on a complex educational system that personalizes the way students learn, and not only handles the exams, but also creates personalized learning content for each type of student, according to their frequency, their way, its holding capacity, etc. . of each student. To keep the solution current, it is only necessary to run the platform on a server, so it can be maintained over time. In the long term, as a group we want to standardize the processes for taking and scoring exams. standardize the creation of educational content and increase the reach of education for all people from the comfort of their home. We want to eliminate the barrier of studying in a specific study center, of necessarily having an attentive teacher for each student and generalizing the shared content, having the evaluations corrected quickly and obtaining the precise feedback to continue studying constantly and make a more intelligent and qualified world

Solution team work

We work very well as a team, all our ideas are well received and we are free to participate in our own way following the same collective purpose, which is, to develop an idea of impact in the student sector and to win the Digi Eduhack 2021. By being Members with different specialties, we complement each other very well and we are willing to continue working together in the future, in the present proposal and in the future innovations that we have in mind to make.
To improve digital education in this area of challenge, the system proposed by our group will be used, artificial intelligence algorithms and Big Data, training teachers and students to use the platform and handle new technologies, and implement virtual simulators in various careers.

* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the DigiEduHack event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted provided that you acknowledge the source and the team which worked on the solution by using the team’s name indicated on the website.

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