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Reactive behavior through disinformation

If you are known on social media and you want to acquire a valid character as an individual and positively influence your audience.The most importantnews is collected from authoritative sources filtered  with corresponding articles and our team provides you  ready-made story templates. 


Team: Georgia&Louiza

Team members

Georgia Demetriadou _ Louiza Erodotou

Members roles and background

Our team consists of 2 architecture students of the University of Cyprus. We both have the role of CEO in the competition as we specialize in the use of programs such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, Rhino, Lumion, Illustrator etc. We aimed to re-create authentic diagrams to better understand the presentation to the viewer as the aspects we are interested in are issues of urban design, euphoria sustainability and green architecture design.

Contact details

Georgia: Louiza:

Solution description

The final product that our organization will produce is a series of processed images in jpg format based on thematic and organized through valid sources of information (RSS feed). The solution can be used as a way of digital education, information and proper orientation of users, as they will be immediately available on our platform. Any influencer will be able to buy one or more theme packages (that include 10 stories each) and then post them on his personal social media account in the form of a story. So the audience that follows these people, surfing on the internet will be confronted with their stories and will be able to enter the process of playing by answering the short quiz. The success of this solution is long-term since with the collection of information that will get back from the influencers, the organization will show whether the statistics change and the users became aware of the valid and correct source for their information. The advantages it offers to the organizer are the costs it incurs from the purchases of the various available images as well as it will become better known to the general public for the validity of the information it provides

Solution context

The use of social media achieves the immediate and equal unpredictable participation of the user in such educational activities that would not take place in case this game would require the installation of a further application on the mobile phone. Moreover, it protects the user from websites that provide incorrect information and at the same time are informed about the new developments today. With the right information, users avoid various kinds of misunderstandings which cause confusion, panic, and even outbursts in groups in the city through protests.

Solution target group

We target the majority of users who use social media, ie, a range of ages from 15-45 as well as any other user who has access to such accounts. But in order to be able to reach them easily and quickly, we work with large groups of people who are followed by a wide range of audience such as journalists, models, authors, teachers, architects, ect through their personal accounts. In this way we achieve the immediate information of the masfive audience as well as we help the influencers to acquire a more serious and valid character in the eyes of their followers and why not increase the number of them.

Solution impact

As we mentioned before, the answers that users will give to the stories shared by the influencers will be collected systematically and over the years we will be able to see if this method works positively in the way that the audience think. That is, to what extent has the average user learned to use valid sources and to avoid misinformation propaganda. The result will be the collective education of users and the development of some important skills such as critical thinking and ways of communication.

Solution tweet text

Unpredictable and unexpected learning game through quiz. We trust it because it is free, communicated by important people in the society, the people who massively influence the general public.

Solution innovativeness

Most influencers act autonomously when it comes to promoting ideas, but at the same time in many cases there is funding from a small business selling products to promote their products through advertising which will be published by them. In this case, these people are sensitized depending on the topic that interests them as they can very easily and quickly find the relevant material to be able to convey to people who follow their ideas in a valid way. A platform of many innovative signage options that are promoted for sharing as stories at a cost of 1 euro each. Influencers have been proven based on statistical surveys conducted by various organizations over the last decade to have a huge impact on information transmission and product promotion. We approach these people, of course, because our cooperation with them offers us a ready and large audience, while at the same time it benefits them us well by presenting to the outside world a more informed and stunned citizen in order to reach the respect of their followers and why not increase the numbers of them. There are similar programs today that the user can edit his history through applications that are installed on the mobile. These applications provide the basis on which the user can add his own images and edit them before sharing them in his account. In this case our organization is based on researching the correct information through valid sources and the final product cannot be edited or altered by the user except by adding "poll" or "true false" or "choose between a b and c”.

Solution transferability

The platform has been adapted to the theme of the challenge which we are trying to solve but at the same time it is a basis for promoting templates of various themes. In case of change of context, the scientific team could change sources as well as the audience to which it will be addressed. In addition to influencers, themed images could be purchased by anyone interested on any subject.

Solution sustainability

The website is going to expand on the future by using more professional technology methods in the development of our platform (CMS, FEEDLY, INSTAGRAM CONNECTION AUTOMATICALLY, BAYTREE). The comparation with specialist is important so in the future we will hire more professionals from other fields such us programmers, graphic designers, website developers, sociologists and digital marketing specialists in order to improve our website. Moreover, the monthly coast for us to create such a website is almost zero, so it’s a great beginning at this point to create something that in the future can be sustainable. Also, the family of influencer and users that they want to buy templates to share will expand worldwide if the current idea is working properly.

Solution team work

Teamwork is what helps the idea run smoothly from the beginning to the end. An important element for us is the exchange of ideas between individuals in a group as well as the different qualifications and interests that each one of us has, which encourage multilateral analysis of the problem and at the end leads to a solution. There are prospects for future cooperation of our team members as they seem to work collectively and effectively, managing to successfully complete the various challenges that arise.

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