Student Support System Services for Mass Education

Student Support System Services for Mass Education

Our challenge, your solutions

Artificial Intelligence Supported Student Support Services

The main problems with student support services are: Problems related to feedback, limited interaction, feeling isolated and problems related to course registration. 


Team: Hackatgram

Team members

Gürhan Durak, Mert Tekdemir, Simay Çetin, İrem Sandıkçı, Mahmut Kılıç

Members roles and background

Gürhan DURAK is an expert on distance education. 

Mert TEKDEMİR is a student at public relation and advertisement department

Simay ÇETİN is a student at public relation and advertisement department

İrem SANDIKÇI is a student at public relation and advertisement department

Mahmut KILIÇ is a student at computers and insturctional technologies department. 

Contact details

Solution description

A well-developed student support services will play an important role in the success of online education.

We developed an effective and functional mobile app for student support services in mass education. So that we plan to reach all students including those with Disabilities like hearing loss and blindness using this intelligent support service app. This mobile app includes three main features related to these topics: Feedback, sense of belonging and virtual orientation services.

Feedback: This mobile app can support immediate feedback to the students when they need support. So that they won’t loss motivation

The other problem can be explained as feeling isolated. This feeling can be enhanced using efficient interaction types between students, instructors, content and interface.

Virtual Orientation Services: This allows students to discover the campus whenever and wherever they want. Thanks to our mobile app, the feeling of visiting a real campus could be created. With the help of such interactive applications, students can receive orientation services provided in traditional education. Since this method, which could also be applied for the introduction of the library and various other services, can be used independently of time and place, it is among the trends concerning the future.

Solution context

We think that the main problems with student support services are :

  • Problems related to feedback: Students need immediate feedback to their problems so that they can’t loss motivation.
  • Limited interaction ( learner-learner, learner-instructor, learner-content and learner-interface). In f2f learning, students has opportunity to interact with other students or instructors. If we gain similar learning outcomes with f2f learning and online learning we have to ensure the interaction in online learning. If students has limited interaction between other students, instructor and interface they can feel isolated.
  • Problems related to course registration: One of the most common problem that online learners faced is the process of course registration on the beginning of the semesters.

As a result of these:  LACK OF MOTİVATİON which causes high rates of drop out students.

Solution target group

Our target group is all the students in a distance education institute. We also target all the Students with Disabilities like hearing loss and blindness. Students can easily access this intelligent support service app using human voice with their smartphones. For example students with blindness disability can use this app using their voice commands and they can reach the solutions related to their problems. Students who has hearing loss  will be supported with both sing language and text.

Solution impact

This artificial Intelligence Supported Mobile App has following features:

Support efficient interaction : Students can easily interact with other students and instructors using the mobile app. Artificial intelligence will give immediate feedback so the students won’t feel isolated. Also the mobile app has a comment page related to the topics. So that students can see the other students’ comments about related problems.

Support students with disabilities: This mobile app will support voiced command feature to the students with disabilities.

We plan to measure the mobile app by analyzing application log and user votes and comments in the application store.

Solution tweet text

A new approach to the student support services in mass education

Solution innovativeness

There is limited application about extensive student support services in online education. Furthermore this mobile app will use artificial intelligence so that the feedback mechanism will be fast. Besides this mobile app will also support student with disabilities. With this feature these students will be able to  interact with the mobile app easily.

Solution transferability

This mobile app can be transformed to different universities distance learning systems.

The contents of the app can be modified according the different university policies.

Solution sustainability

The update and maintance of the mobile app will be performed by the student support services units of the university.

Solution team work

We think we did a great job. We will definitely work on a project in the future.

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